10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

10. The Bear

As humans, we share our world with many different species and animals. I am going to take you on adventure showing you the 10 most dangerous animals in the world! 10. The Bear Like Yogi Bear, bears can be your best friend and make you just want to cuddle with them. But in the wild, are they the same way? Bears are extremely dangerous met 1 on 1 in the wild which gets them the #10 spot in most dangerous animal.

Fatalities a year: 5-10


9.The Shark

As children, we were all raised to be scared of sharks. From the blood and teeth in the movies, we would hate them. Well, sharks aren’t as bad as they are in the movies but they sure are nasty killers.

Fatalities per year:About 100


8. The Jellyfish

Jellyfish are interesting but extremely scary creatures. From big and annoying jellyfish to extremely small, deadly ones, jellyfish make their way to #8. When making contact, the jellyfish’s tentacles can paralyze a human and manifests itself as cardiac arrest.

Fatalities a year: About 100


7. The Hippopotamus

Mostly found in Africa, the hippopotamus is a large ruthless animal that lives in water and land. Its mouth can open up to 4 feet and can crush like a sledgehammer. With these characteristics, it is bound to make it into the #7 spot.

Fatalities a year:100-150


6. The Elephant

Despite their friendly appearance and cleverness, elephants have been known to attack without warning, sometimes killing zookeepers whom they’ve known for 15 years. With their size and huge tusks, it is easy to imagine why the elephant made it to spot #6.

Fatalities a year:300-500


5. The Crocodile

Mostly found in Africa and Australia, the crocodile is one of the world’s most deadliest animals. The crocodile has an amazing speed and bone-crushing jaw force. One meal will last it a while so it can wait under water to plan it’s next attack.

Fatalities a year: 600-800


4. Big Cats

Animals such as lions, tigers and jaguars all fall into #4. With outrageous speeds, you are sure to be caught if you take the risky chance and run(if you do ever fall in to that situation, do not turn and run and rather look it in the eyes and open your coat to make you look bigger).

Fatalities a year: About 800


3. The Scorpion

Though much smaller than most of the creatures behind it, the scorpion has a venomous sting. The scorpion most likely causes more fatalities than recorded due to the fact that the attacks occur in isolated places as it is their habitat. 

Fatalities a year:800-2000


2. Venomous Snakes

More than 450 species of snakes are venomous and 250 capable of killing a man enlarging the chance of a snake you encounter to be extremely dangerous. Attacks occur mostly in Africa, Asia and North America. Humans are a great prey for venomous snakes due to the bloodstream. Once injected with venom, it runs through your whole body.

Fatalities a year:50-125,000



1. The Mosquito

I bet you were expecting the most vicious most scary animal but the biggest killer in the whole world… is the mosquito. Thanks to its ability to spread diseases with an alarming efficiency, the mosquito makes its way into #1. Best known for spreading Malaria, mosquitos also spread elephantiasis, yellow fever and West Nile Virus.

Fatalities a year:2-3 million (wow)