10 Sites to Buy Groceries Online

  1. Amazon: Yes, believe it or not, you can do a lot of your grocery shopping online from Amazon. You’re not going to find fresh produce and fresh meats here, but there are still plenty of boxed and canned items for purchase, some of in it bulk and some individual items.
  2. AULSuperStoreThis site delivers to the lower 48 states in 1 to 5 days. This site has a little bit of everything, but again, no fresh perishables. They have a fair amount of specials, so check this site out to save some money.
  3. Netgrocer.com: This site has a little bit of everything, and it does include some fresh meats and produce and dairy. They also have kosher items and deliver to military zip code addresses. Check out the weekly specials for savings.
  4. MyBrandsMyBrands focuses upon difficult-to-find items. Do you have a favorite juice from Ocean Spray that you can no longer find in stores? Is there a Ghirardelli cake mix that seems impossible to find? Well, if the product is still being made, MyBrands will most likely have it. According to the site, “95 percent of all U.S. products can not be found in your local store,” which is where MyBrands comes in.
  5. ShopFoodEx: One nice thing about ShopFoodEx is that the site accepts Paypal for payments. They have a little bit of everything here, but unfortunately not fresh goods. Still, groceries delivered to your front door and paying with Paypal can make this site worth it. Plus they offer several different types of savings; basically, the more you spend, the more you save.
  6. UK-GROCERIES: Are you from the UK? Or maybe you just like many of the excellent food and grocery items from the UK? If so, this is your site. From Jelly Babies to Twinings Tea to Walker Crisps and more, this is the site for those with a love of the British Isles. They also deliver to anywhere in the world, including to remote islands.
  7. eFoodDepot.com: This site has a little bit of everything, but its focus is upon “hard-to-find Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Eastern European” food. One great thing is this site has international shipping, reaching out to more than 190 counties. Another great thing about this site is that it is available for reading in many different languages.
  8. ExpatExpressMaybe you are from the U.S. but living overseas, or maybe you just have a love for many grocery items from the U.S. market, but either way, you should probably check out this site. It offers international shipping of more than 13,000 items from the U.S. market. And not only does the site have groceries, but there’s even a “mall” area to check out.
  9. MexGrocerIf you are north of the Rio Grande and wishing for a taste of home, or if you just love the authentic taste of food from Mexico, this could be your site. Sorry, they only ship to the U.S., but at least there is plenty of variety of foods and goods from Mexico.
  10. GoBIO: Organic foods is the focus of GoBIO, specifically GoBio brand organic foods. They ship to at least the U.S. and Canada, but their website does not specify about international shipping.