10 Things You Can Do Inside The Toilet

We love to multi-task specially while sitting in the computer. Tabs are simultaneously open as we juggle through the internet, open email, update facebook, tweet a friend, writing articles and many others all at the same time. We want a fast paced life and maximize our time, but how about inside the toilet?

1. Read books, magazines,newspapers of any any other materials that can add to your daily dose of knowledge.  (if you still have space, put reading materials inside)

2. Write your “to do list”or draft your articles (have a handy paper and pen or if you can manage to have your laptop with you)


Image via flickr by sarahnaut

3. Fix your bag (throw away unnecessary receipts)

4. Cut fingernails

5. Get to know more of your toiletries – (read labels of shampoo,lotion,spray,bath gel etc.)

6. Comb your hair 100 times (specially for women).  The hair is said to be the crowning glory so why not manage it so well.   It is advisable to comb your hair before shampooing.

7. Get a mirror and check your face for pimples and wrinkles (Have you noticed any changes in your face?  Any wrinkles because of stress or from old age?

8. Exercise your face.    If our body needs exercise, our face needs too.(exaggerate a smile!)

9. Massage your hands (to relax the muscles and stimulate blood vessels)

10. Listen to music from your Ipod or mobile phones.  Good to enjoy music wherever you go so why not inside the toilet.


The list can go on as long as you can manage them while sitting on the white throne!