12 Animals That Love Wearing Hats

What could be more adorable than an animal all dressed up? A cute animal wearing a hat! Take a look at this list of lovely animals wearing hats, and see it for yourself! Don’t miss #6 and #4!

12. Who’s a Good Pirate?

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest

This handsome boy loves being a pirate so much that he is ready to sail away and steal a smile from you at the same time. Doesn’t he look gorgeous? Slide to see the next Christmas pet!

11. Santa’s Purrrfect Little Helper

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Don’t you just love this cute little girl? She’s ready to help Santa spread love and joy, not only on Christmas, but all year long! The next one will haunt your dreams…with love!

10. I Put An-otter Spell On You

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest

It’s pretty obvious that otters are cute, but who would have thought that they are skilled witches too? In fact, if you’re not careful enough, they may bewitch you to love them until the end of times! You’ll be so jealous with the next one!

9. Summer Piggy

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest

Weather forecast predicts a lovely piggy alert! Look at this cute boy ready to spend his summer days by the pool. He even brought a hat to protect himself from the sun! The next one is the tiniest and cutest of the list!

8. A Bird and Its Hat 

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

What do you think about this baby chicken playing dress-up? Try to imagine it as a hipster or as an old newsboy… Option two sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? Just picture it screaming on the streets: “Extra, extra, read everything about it… My hat is awesome!” Slide to wish happy birthday to the next one!

7. Birthday Birb

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest

This beautiful bird loves party hats. Look at the tiny hat he’s wearing to celebrate his 1st birthday. He can’t get any cuter, can he? Happy birthday sweet little guy! The next one is the most responsible citizen in the US!

6. Tiny Patriotic Mouse

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest

Mr. Mouse is eager to vote, and his tiny colorful hat proves it. What a lovely way to show his love for his country! Beware! The next one will melt your heart.

5. Baby, It’s Cowld Outside!

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest

This has to be the cutest and comfiest owl ever! Its small knitted hat is the perfect accessory to stay warm during cold winters. Every owl should wear one! Don’t miss the next one, is one of our favorites!

4. Cozy Bunny

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Who would have thought that it was possible for a bunny to be even more adorable by simply wearing a hat? Her owner did, and knitted her a tiny hat for her cold ears. Isn’t she the prettiest? Slide to enter the Top #3 of this list!

3. Proud Nobleman

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Don’t you just love this handsome bearded dragon with his knitted top hat? He is so proud of his elegant look. Doesn’t he look like a nobleman? The next one is also one of the tiniest of this list!

2. Little Frog

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Is this a little frog on top of a lovely guinea pig or is it that the hat with such cute eyes make you think so? How could something be so cute and tiny at the same time? Please, guinea pig, never take that cute little hat off! Slide to see who made it to the top! Cuteness overload alert!

1. Ready for the Summer

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Look at this handsome boy wearing the perfect summer hat while enjoying a popsicle. If only we were as ready for the summer as he is!