15 Celebrities Who First Joined Reality TV Shows

There’s are a few celebrities that landed huge roles in their prime and were able to make a name for themselves pretty quickly. However, success doesn’t come for everyone overnight. Here’s a list of celebrities that started off their career with reality TV shows and you won’t believe the people on this list.

1. Kellie Pickler

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She isn’t all that popular but you might know her from her friendship with Taylor Swift. She was a part of American Idol and placed sixth.

2. Britney Spears

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The name needs no introduction. She was a part of Star Search in the early 90s with Christina Aguilera.

3. Susan Boyle

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Susan Boyle isn’t someone introduced to fame when she was young. She was 47 years of age when she joined Britain’s Got Talent. Now, she’s worth millions.

4. Beyonce

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Just like Britney Spears, Beyonce also joined Star Search back in 1993.

5. Katharine McPhee

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Katharine McPhee didn’t manage to bag the win, but she did place second in American Idol. She’s well known for appearing in the TV Show Smash.

6. One Direction

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One Direction joined X Factor individually. But, they got famous pretty quick after they were merged into a faction back in 2010.

7. Kelly Clarkson

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The mastermind behind “Stronger” was the first winner of American Idol in 2002. She has now sold albums worth billions.

8. Carrie Underwood

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A lot of the people on this list were featured on American Idol. She came out as the winner of the show in 2005. Carrie Underwood was worth $31 million in 2013.

9. Jennifer Hudson

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She didn’t place that high in the 2004 version of American Idol, but she was casted as one of the Dreamgirls besides Beyonce.

10. Little Mix

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Just like One Direction, Little Mix was also formed during the X Factor 2011. The group placed first in the competition.

11. Cher Loyd

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Her debut performance was at an X Factor audition. It would be an understatement to say she swept the audience off of its feet.

12. Leone Lewis

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You might know her from the song “Bleeding Love”. But, she first placed number one at the 2006 season of X Factor.

13. Christina Aguilera

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As mentioned earlier, Christina was a part of Star Search along with Britney Spears. She was ten years old back then and won second place. The rest is history…

14. Lucy Hale

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You might know Lucy from her part in Pretty Little Liars.  But, before she landed the big role, she was a part of American Juniors in 2003 and was one of the five winners.

15. Justin Timberlake

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Before he become a hotshot and started touring the world, Timberlake was a NSYNC member and auditioned for Star Search using the name Justin Randall.