20 Most Popular Gadgets this Christmas

Thanks to the wonders of technology and online shopping, these clever gadgets are selling out during this holiday season. That is because they’re all designed to make our lives a little bit easier. Without further ado, these are the 20 most popular gadgets people are buying for Christmas.

#20. FIXD

Photo: Courtesy of Youtube

FIXD is a device that, when plugged into your car’s OBD port, automatically interfaces with the diagnostic computer of the car, and can figure out what problem your car is having. Then, FIXD sends the information about your car’s status to the included smartphone app. It’s a mechanic’s nightmare, but a driver’s dream.

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#19. Photostick

Photo: Coutesy of Top Tech Shifts

This gadget is perfect for those who don’t get along well with computers. When plugged into your computer’s USB port, the device automatically finds and backs up all pictures. This ensures that you won’t lose your precious family pictures ever again.

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#18. Skylink Antenna

Photo: Courtesy of Newest Electronic Gadgets

What this type of antenna does is offer a broad selection of movies, TV, and sports programming without a monthly subscription. Just by purchasing and installing the device, you gain access to over 100 HD stations for free, depending on the area. It’s a good product for those who want a cheap alternative to cable TV.

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#17. Pocket Drone

Photo: Courtesy of Weekly Penny

The pocket drone is…. well, a pocket drone. It’s easy to use and small enough to carry anywhere, all the while being powerful and easy to control. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to take awesome pictures during their holidays.

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#16. VIZR

Photo: Courtesy of Fixdapps

VIZR is not only a navigation system. It is a translucent “Heads Up” display that connects to your smartphone to display your GPS app while allowing you to have a clear winshield view while driving. Also, the design is pretty awesome.

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#15. KeySmart

Photo: Courtesy of KeySmart

KeySmart is a small keychain that can handle up to 14 keys, in a clean, neat design that’s easy to use. If you’re tired of having a bunch of keys taking up all your pocket space, this is the perfect gift for you. Oh, you can also add a bottle opener or usb drive. 

The next gadget is perfect for those who suffer from neck pain.

#14. Neck Hammock

Photo: Courtesy of Kick Starter

This gadget, designed by a physiotherapist, uses cervical traction to relax neck muscles and improve mobility. What started as a KickStarter idea quickly went viral after celebrities shared pics of them using it across social media.

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#13. Dodow

Photo: Courtesy of Sleep Gadgets

Dodow emits a soothing blue light that pulses gently, helping the brain ease into “sleep mode”. It is a great alternative to sleeping pills, and can put an end to frustrating, sleepless nights for good. 

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#12. DocSocks Soothers

Photo: Courtesy of Life’d

These compression socks, designed by a podiatrist, provide soothing relief for aching, swelling feet. This type of socks is very popular among athletes, who wear them before, during, and after games. Also, one size fits all, so everyone in the family can get a pair.

#11 is a great product to remove foul smells around the house.

#11. EcoGreen Charcoal Bags

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Scientists are still baffled at all the amazing uses of activated charcoal. These bags purify the air and remove all nasty smells around the house. It’s a safe, natural alternative to air freshners full of chemicals.

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#10. Magnetized Acupressure Insoles

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Another great holiday gift for those with sore feet. These insoles stimulate precise pressure points on the soles of the feet with every step taken. Not only do they relieve foot pain, but also hip and back pain, and help release harmful toxins.

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#9. Bondic

Photo: Courtesy of Bigwinds

This liquid plastic pen can fix, build, bond, and fill virtually anything. For example, it can re-attach broken eyeglasses and seal holes in leaky plumbing. It also comes with a shaping tool, and a UV light. 

#8 combines two essential gadgets into one.

#8. Snap Smart Cam

Photo: Courtesy of Real Shopper Reviews

The Snap Smart Cam is a hidden camera that also charges phones. The awesome nanny-cam allows you to keep an eye on your house with an HD camera that looks just like an ordinary phone charger (and also works like one).

Eyeglass-wearers will love #7.

#7. Carbon Clean

Photo: Courtesy of Peeps

This gadget uses an innovative carbon cleaning compound to get glasses completely clean, unlike wipes that only spread around the grime and oil. Each Carbon Clean lasts for 500 cleanings. 

Do your family members snore? #6 has the solution for that.

#6. MySnoringSolution

Photo: Courtesy of MySnoringSolution

This comfortable chinstrap helps keep the soft palate airway clear, allowing for better oxygen flow, and therefore, a snoring-free sleep. It gives the wearer a deeper, more restful sleep, and lets the sleeping partner sleep peacefully.

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#5. Tactical Pen

Photo: Courtesy of Wiplabs

The 1Tac Tactical Pen is a flashlight, glass breaker, and a knife, all in one. It’s a practical self-defense gadget that can make you feel like James Bond.

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#4. Energix Charge

Photo: Courtesy of Engergix Charge

This device, developed by an MIT student, comes with an adapter that attaches to the back of the phone, and instantly turns it into a wireless-charging capable device. As long as the adapter is attached, the phone can be charged on the charging pad or car adapter that comes with it, in just minutes. Pretty cool, right?

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#3. Safety Disc

Photo: Courtesy of Seniormania

The Safety Disc adheres to the hood of the car or other metal surfaces, and serves as a safety light for on-the-road emergencies. It uses LED technology and can be seen from thousands of feet away. Oh, and it also looks really cool.

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#2. XY Find It

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

This coin-sized tracking device helps you find your keys, wallet, and even your pet. It comes with an app that displays the distance from the lost item, and it will sound the alarm to help pinpoint its exact location.

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#1. Heel Insoles

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Although high heels make you look taller and  your legs look beautiful, they are very painful to wear. The Vivian Lou insoles are designed to fit into those beautifully painful shoes, to take all the pain away.