20 Unbelievably Eccentric Billionaires

These billionaires have one thing in common (aside from being very, very rich): they’re all…. well… pretty weird. This might prove that being that strange might actually pay off. Take notes, people!

20. Jocelyn Wildenstein

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Also known as the real life cat woman, Wildestein is known for spending her then-husband’s fortune on plastic surgery, who supposedly, had a love for big cats. She is rumoured to have spent $4 million dollars on plastic surgery.

However, after Jocelyn found him in bed with a young Russian model, she quickly filed for divorce. She received a whopping $2.5 billion dollars, plus alimony payments of $100 million from the divorce, though she was specifically instructed not to spend it on plastic surgery. As you might have guessed, that hasn’t stopped her!

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19. God Nisanov

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First off, nope, that’s not a typo. Yes, he’s actually named God. Nisanov is a real estate tycoon born in Azerbaijan. Although he was known as the King of Russian Real Estate, he has invested in wholesale food, and has a company centered on restaurant ownership. Still, the coolest thing about this guy is his name.

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18. S. Curtis Johnson

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One of the heirs to the multi-billion dollar company SC Johnson tarnished his family name when he pleaded guilty to sexual assault of his stepdaughter in 2014. And do you know what his punishment was? A slap on the wrist in the form of $6,000 in restitution and four months in jail. Apparently when you’re this rich, you can basically get away with anything.

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17. Robert Klark Graham

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Graham made his fortune as an optometrist by inventing shatter-proof eyeglasses. He then decided to devote his time and money to creating a project called the Repository for Germinal Choice. Essentially, this project was about creating a sperm bank consisting only of donations from Nobel Prize Winners. Unfortunately, most Nobel Prize Winners were too elderly, and the project flunked. 10 points for effort though!

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16. Mark Zuckerberg

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You didn’t think we would leave the Zuck out of our list, did you? In case you weren’t familiar with his story, Mark created Facebook in an attempt to connect the students of his college through a common network. He became a billionaire at just 23 years old! Despite of all the money he’s made, his style and personality haven’t changed a bit.

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15. Jeff Bezos

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The CEO of Amazon was, at one point, the richest man alive. His riches allowed him to devote himself to one of his passions: space travel. He created Blue Origin, a company that develops human spaceflight. Perhaps, apart from shipping books everywhere, Amazon will eventually ship us all into space.

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14. Graham Pendrill

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Pendrill, who made his fortune as an antique dealer, decided to donate all his money to charity at the age of 57. Not only that, but he moved to Kenya to become part of a tribe. He is the only white man in it, and is known as “Brave One”.

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13. Leona Helmsley

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Real estate tycoon Leona Helmsley is notoriously remembered for being out of touch with the non-wealthy. Convicted of federal income tax evasion, she once said “we don’t pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes“. Not only that, but she left $12 million dollars to her Maltese. So yeah, there’s a dog that is richer than you will ever be.

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12. Robert Durst

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Robert Durst is not only known for his wealth, but also for killing his wife. Mrs. Durst couldn’t be found, so her case went cold. After some time, Susan, a family friend, was found dead, along wth a neighbor of the Dursts, after she came forward with some information about the murder. Eventually, he was arrested for stealing a chicken sandwich and some band-Aids while having $37,000 in his pocket. The police then figured out he was responsible for all 3 murders.

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11. Ingvar Kamprad

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Despite his fortune, Ingvar was known for being one of the most frugal billionaires in the world. He used public transportation, flew economy, drove a 1993 Volvo, and recycled tea bags. He also tried to save as much money as possible, for example, by cutting his hair only when he was visiting a developing country. His quirky self will be missed.

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10. Nicolas Berggruen

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Investor and Philantropist Nicolas Berggruen grew tired of all his fortune. He donated all his property, and is now devoted to transforming California. He believes there is something special about Los Angeles, and wants to turn it into the perfect place for those who have big dreams.

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9. Cayetana Fitz-James

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Cayetana is not only known for her excessive plastic surgeries, but also for marrying Alfonso Diez Carabantes, who is 24 years her younger. To prove to people that she mas marrying for love and not for money, she left her wealth behind by giving her grandchildren their inheritances early.

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8. Peter Thiel

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Peter Thiel is known for his… interesting hobbies. For example, he dedicates his time to developing human immortality, artificial intelligence, contracting floating cities, among other things. Also, he is currently investing in an offshore herpes vaccine trial, in order to avoid FDA-like trials. Whatever floats your boat, Pete!

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7. Clive Palmer

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Palmer, the owner of Mineralogy, has invested millions into cloning dinosaurs and creating a real Jurassic Park. Yup. Perhaps Clive didn’t watch the movie all the way to the end…? Because he actually thinks this is a good idea. But well, it’s his money anyway.

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6. Richard Brason

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You might have heard of Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines. He happens to own and operate over 360 separate businesses, and also manages to dedicate his time to helping the environment. He believes that in about 30 years, people will no longer kill animals, and that meat will be plant-based. Keep dreaming big, Richard.

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5. Howard Hughes

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After making a fortune out of his aviation and film-making endeavors, Hughes is said to have gone mad, and became a total recluse. Over time, he became more and more antisocial, by locking himself in screening rooms, barely eating, peeing in bottles, and never showering. By the time he died, he was so unrecognizable that fingerprints were needed to identify his body.

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4. Stewart Rahr

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This billionaire is notorious for his bad manners. When eating at a restaurant, he found a group of people sitting at what he thought was his table, and went absolutely ballistic. He even threatened to kill the manager. Yikes.

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3. Bidzina Ivanishvili

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The Prime Minister of Georgia made his fortune in banking and metals. He actually lives in a glass house, and has a zoo of his own. He also has such an exquisite art collection that its value is immeasurable.

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2. Alki David

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The Coca-Cola heir and owner of television provider FilmOn, is remembered for offering a $1 million reward to whoever would streak nude in front of President Obama. He also uploaded his and his wifes nudes to Instagram. And, to top it off, he farted into the microphone during a red carpet interview. Classy!

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1. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

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The Sheikh actually had his name carved out on his private island, which is so large it can be seen from the Moon. Each letter is a kilometer long. Just let that sink in. The carving is so large, it might not be seen while flying by plane. Only astronauts may enjoy this piece of art.