£200 a Day Roulette Scam

The Online Casino Scam!


Have you received an email informing you how you can make £200 a day playing roulette?

Thought so… well let me tell you readers, this is a wide scale scam, a scam which all online casinos and their affiliates are behind.

I will explain

For 3 or 4 days it is very easy to make the money using the recognised system, and you can get up to £800 but then the laws of averages change. You begin by picking a colour, red or black and then start with 1 chip. Place the chip on you desired colour, if you win you receive your chip and the chip you won = 2 chips. If you lose you are told to bet 2 chips, the 4, 8, 16, 32 until you cover your loses. Sounds too good to be true- that’s because it is. Play for a few days and you will notice that the runs of colours go from 5 or 6 to 8 or 9. And as most casinos have a limit of 50 chips on the roulette table, you will be shocked to see your chips dwindled, becoming impossible to win them back.

However that is not all to this little scam, oh no!

You need to have winnings of approx £2500 before you can cash out. Sound a lot?

It is even worse, trying to attain those winnings playing roulette is even harder, because any £ won playing roulette is only worth 20% of it’s value- 0.20, therefore you would need to win £12500 before being able to cash out.


I may be building your hopes up there, If you sign up to a casino using a free play incentive, well you can’t cash out at all- you need to win the £12500 using you own money.

OK- lets go though it all again.

You need to beat the laws of averages.

You need to win £12500.

You need to use you own money.

Yeah all that checks out- so lets cash out, yeah?


I forgot to mention that you need to make 3-5 bets that match your original stake.

These bets need to be made on high risk games- poker, slots or whatever game a novice can’t win.

In conclusion, you can’t win. Not without taking risk- big risk.

Buy a lottery ticket.