2011 Sagittarius Horoscopes And Year Ahead Astrology Predictions For Sagittarians For 2011

Sagittarius 2011

(for those born between November 23 and December 21)

Life Trends 2011 for Sagittarius

Finances can be slightly unpredictable. It’s worth putting some money aside whenever you get a chance, so you have something for that proverbial rainy day. Expect to see quite some changes in your friendships throughout 2011. The people you mix and socialise with at the start of the year may not be around later or by the end of the year, you could find yourself in a completely different social circle.

Love Trends 2011 for Sagittarius

As the year unfolds your feelings towards other people will start to change. Relationships that have been tense could start to settle whereas a friendship that used to be fun may start to bore you or make you feel restricted. Spring will be a romantic time for Sagittarians and you will feel more relaxed after a spate of heavy responsibilities. If you are single you could meet someone with an exciting personality while travelling in the summer.

Home and Family Trends for Sagittarians 2011

March will be the time of the year when you are more focused on the home and family. It might sometimes seem as if you haven’t been able to keep up with all that is going on in your loved ones’ worlds. You aren’t growing apart. It will be just a year when so much is going on and so much of this you are doing independently. July will be a good month for a family holiday. You will be well and truly ready for a change of scene mid-2011 and if you can enjoy this with the people you love, all the better.

Money and Career Trends for Sagittarius 2011

There will be quite some changes going on in your world and this will affect your financial situation. Pluto in your money sector suggests long-term financial and legal transactions are coming to an end. New ones will begin. Life will be exciting at times but there will be moments, too, when it will be hard to hide your nervousness. To feel confident and calm, wear dark blues or purple. These are your colours and are useful when there is a need to feel more sure of yourself. In general, providing you are careful about the decisions you make and you consider the consequences of your actions, your money situation should show signs of improvement. If you have problems with a difficult boss at the start of the year, their attitude will be more supportive from June onwards.