228 Million Eggs Recalled After Salmonella Scare.

The shelled egg salmonella outbreak has reported sickness in at least three states so far, including: California, Minnisota, and Colorado.  Bringing, thusfar, at least 266 people under the illness in California alone.  There is one company that is responsible for the outbreak, but has yet to take any credit over it and that company is Wright County Egg based out of Galt, Iowa.

Thirteen brands of eggs were recalled on Friday August 13th, 2010 after there was an alarming increase of salmonella illness.  These eggs were packed between May 16th and August 13th, and are packed under these different brands:




-Farm Fresh

-Dutch Farms



-Mountain Dairy






Now the eggs are all specific with their own types of Julian dates, and also the plant numbers that where they came.  Follow the source at the end of this article to get the dates and codes for all of these contaminated egg products.  The codes can be found at the at the end of the carton, starting with the letter “P” to signal the plant, and then followed by the number.

Salmonella can cause several problems such as abdominal cramps, diarreha, and can last for as long as a week.  This can be serious to fatal for people that have an immunity deficiency, so if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms within 3 days after ingesting some potentially contaminated eggs then seek medical help immediately.

Source: MSNBC