3 Social Networking Sites You Should Use in 2013

If you have not jumped into social networking yet, then it is probably the right time to do to prompt your business to a good start. A strong online social media presence has become more important to determine the future of your business. It helps you determine search engine rankings and how people find your business online.

Year 2013 is all set to be the year for social media presence. And, it will take some serious time and commitment from your side before you start seeing good results. Building good online presence does not happen overnight. The longer you are ready to wait the more you will bring in better traffic for your websites.

There are numerous options to choose from, but then you do not have to join every social networking site that comes your way. Here are top 4 social media sites available online that will help you create your mark in 2013:


Twitter allows you to follow literally anyone you choose, provided they grant you permission. Poke your nose into private lives of anyone, including politicians, celebrities, sports athletes, and obviously other businesses. When you join Twitter, do not just contact random people, and follow literally everyone. Try to build network and participate in discussions by commenting on other’s posts. Tweet or retweets information you like from others. But, make sure you stay active with your tweets and try and post something interesting.


With no doubt, Facebook is the most socially recognisable and popular networking sites on the web. If you are still waiting to create an account on Facebook, then create it now. Facebook gives you an option to create a ‘Fan Page’ for your business and it is quite easy to create within minutes. Once you create your page, invite friends, family, and colleagues to click ‘Like’ and share the page with their contacts. Facebook likes gives you more credibility and it shows overall effect on your website rankings.


It is still one of the top social networking sites, dedicated to business professionals. It helps you to expand your business network on the web, making new connections on a professional level. Building your contacts on LinkedIn takes a little time at first. But, if you try approaching people in similar niche, then the task gets a lot easier. It also helps if you join some similar groups and participate in discussions. Note that you do not have a sales pitch, rather connect with a patient approach to build network. Once somebody trusts you, they will return to do business with you.

There are plenty of social networking sites available online. But, these three will surely have a great impact on online businesses in 2013. Create your account now, if have not created one on these truly amazing sites.