30 Celebs Who Now Work Regular Jobs

The life of a celebrity is not an easy one, and there’s no shame in taking other jobs between acting gigs. Actors sometimes need to pick up extra jobs in order to pursue their dreams. And also, some actors are just tired of acting! Although it may look glamorous, acting is just like any other job, and it’s certainly not for everyone.

30. Nikki Blonsky

Photo: Courtesy of Bustle

After her success in Hairspray, Nikki stepped away from the spotlight and went to cosmetology school. Now she works as a make-up artist. Yo go, girl!

29. Jeff Cohen

Photo: Courtesy of Digitalspy

Remember Chunk from The Goonies? He’s a lawyer now. Feel old yet?

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28. Peter Ostrum

Photo: Courtesy of Dailydisclosure

The adorable Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory didn’t find a golden ticket to the Hollywood business and grew up to be a large animal vet, which sounds almost as cool as running Willy Wonka’s factory.

27. Nick Offerman

Photo: Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Just like his character on Parks and Rec, Offerman is a passionate woodworker. He runs his own business and makes custom pieces, as well as teaching classes in woodworking.

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26. Kevin Jonas

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

The ex-Disney star who broke thousands of hearts all around the world next to his brothers has been working as a contractor ever since The Jonas Brothers broke up. He has formed a beautiful family and has stepped away from the spotlight since then.

25. Tony Danza

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In 2009, Tony Danza took a year off acting to work as a public school teacher  in order to support the public school system. He wrote a book recounting his experience and has been an advocate for public school reform ever since.

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24. Danny Lloyd

Photo: Via Fabulous Life

Who can forget the adorable little boy in the tricycle from The Shining? He never acted again and now teaches biology at a community college in Kentucky.

23. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Photo: Courtesy of Elite Daily

Freddie Prinze Jr. went from breaking hearts during the 90s, to writing cookbooks and becoming a chef. He now spends his time with wife Sarah Michelle Gellar and their beautiful children. Oh, and he’s still cute!

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22. Sarah-Michelle Gellar

Photo: Courtesy of Nerdist

After slaying vampires for several years, America’s sweetheart stopped acting and set up a boxed-food business. Oh, and she writes cookbooks along with her hubby, Freddie.

21. Ashton Kutcher

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

After That 70s Show was canceled, Ashton briefly worked as a high school football coach. Although he is known for being a goofball, according to the kids in his team, he was too harsh as a coach, and the job didn’t last long.

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20. Angus T. Jones

Photo: Courtesy of USWeekly

After playing Jake on Two and a Half Men, Jones became an event planner in LA and has retired from acting.

19.Mara Wilson

Photo: Courtesy of NPR

Mara stole everyone’s hearts in the 90s. Who could resist her cuteness? After starring in hits such as Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, Mara quit acting and became a writer instead. Also, she makes hilarious tweets!

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18. Dylan Sprouse

Photo:  Courtesy of Getty Images

Unlike his brother Cole, who continued to pursue acting after The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ended, Dylan became a restaurant host in New York City. According to him, he enjoyed working in the food service industry, and now owns a brewery in NYC.

17. Karyn Parsons

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Karyn had her big break on The Fresh Prince alongside Will Smith. After the show ended, however, she quit acting and founded a non-profit organization,which  untold stories of African Americans in animation.

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16. Frankie Muniz

Photo: Courtesy of Celebs Net Worth Today

Beloved child star, Frankie Muniz, quit acting to become a professional car racer. Sadly, he suffered many crashes and endured several health problems ever since.

15. Mike Vitar

Photo: Courtesy of Load Tve

Remember Michael Vitar from The Sandlot? He’s a firefighter now. How cool is that?

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14. Mia Sara

Photo: Courtesy of Stanton Daily

Mia Sara‘s only big role was playing Ferris’ girlfriend Sloane in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but now she is a poet and has two beautiful children.

13. The Olsen Twins

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were everywhere during the 90s and early 2000s. After starring in Full House and making multiple movies, the twins stepped away from the acting business and created their own fashion line, as well as their own production company, Dualstar.

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12. Doris Day

Photo: Courtesy of Biography

Doris was an icon during the 60s, but she gave up her acting career to run her own hotel called the Cyprus Inn in California. She’s 96 years old at the moment, and still co-owns the hotel.

11. Leelee Sobiesky

Photo: Courtesy of USWeekly

After starring in hit movies such as Deep Impact and Never Been Kissed, Leelee quit acting in 2012 and became a painter and sculptor instead.

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10. Charlie Korsmo

Photo: Courtesy of Scribol

Korsmo chose to get a degree in law and retired from acting. He is now a law professor.

9. Taran Noah Smith

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

The youngest brother on Home Improvement grew up to become a carpenter. He even helped out those who lost their homes after Hurricane Harvey.

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8. Michael Maronna

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

After starring in Pete & Pete, Maronna realized acting wasn’t for him, and became an electrician working behind the scenes.

7. Michael Schoeffling

Photo: Courtesy of The Motion Picture

Remember the teenage hearthrob from Sixteen Candles? He became a woodworker to support his family, as acting wasn’t a job stable enough for him. He even runs his own shop now.

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6. Omri Katz

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Disclosure

Apparently, reviving three witches on Halloween scared Omri out of the showbiz, and now he earns his living as a hairstylist. 

5. Andrew Shue

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

After starring in Melrose Place, Shue founded a website called CaféMom, which is devoted to parenting and mom-related issues.

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4. Josh Saviano

Photo: Courtesy of Avaay

The Wonder Years star founded Act 3 Advisors, an entertainment start-up, and also pursued a career as a lawyer.

3. Al Green

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Once a famous soul singer, Al Green devoted his life to religion, and is now a preacher in Memphis.

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2. Chris Owen

Photo: Courtesy of Hollywood

Unfortunately, Owen didn’t manage to book any major gig since the success of American Pie, and now works as a waiter. The showbiz is not an easy one!

1. Shirley Temple

Photo: Courtesy of Book My Show

Although she was extremely successful as a child actress, Temple had trouble getting acting roles after growing, so she pursued a career in politics. She was actually the US ambassador to Ghana and the former to Czechoslovakia. Who would’ve thought!