31 Tips For Successful Outsourcing

31 tips for successful outsourcing

By Piyash Kumar Barmon

Have you thought about all the reasons, subcontracting, prepared for the transition and found a great contractor. You’re ready to start outsourcing. Here are 31 tips to make your outsourcing experience as smooth as possible.


One of the most important elements of the subcontract does, and that you are a subcontractor on the same page and that there are no surprises. Keep these things in the list to facilitate a smooth working relationship:

A. The use of contracts
Two. Make sure that you agree to the terms of payment in advance
Three. Do not pay in full before the job is completed
4. It is clear how and when you plan to pay the contractor
Five. Agree on schedule
6. Turn non-disclosure/non-competition position in the contract
7. Determine how you will receive a project update
Eight. Clarify expectations of privacy
9. Build in a “de-bugging” provision, which defines a specific period of time the subcontractor will be on call to fix any problems that arise
10. Clarify the ownership of the project in writing

Protect Your Business

When you make, you give some of your control over the project. Please note the following tips to help you protect your business interests and reputation:

11. Link Checker
12. Portfolio Overview subcontractor
13. Test your skills
14. Consider a small project, a test first
15. Be prepared to consider all the work, before turning it on the client
16. Be very clear about expectations
17. Do not leave any details when the broadcast of the draft request for subcontractor
18. Send all of the request in writing
19. Schedule your first call, and regular checks of modules, if necessary
20. Be prepared for the project
21. Track all payments for your books

Relations with customers

The project aims to meet and exceed customer needs. To do this, follow these tips to manage your relationship with the client:

22. Be the mediator
23. Tell your client you are using a subcontractor, as appropriate
24. Pad, an assessment provided by the contractor in the assessment of clients
25. Do not forget to add time to the management role
26. Take responsibility for your work and your work the subcontractor

In addition to working

Remember the importance of the personal side of your subcontractor relationships. Here are a few ways to do this:

27. Do not forget about the importance of additional individuals
28. Respect the time of the subcontractor
29. Make sure that there is no communication gap
30. Give praise and thanks for a job well done
31. Ask the contractor how he went to the end of the project and provide feedback

What other tips would you add to this list?

Successful outsourcing will not only allow you to focus on what you do best, and find other ways to satisfy customers and to expand their business. Building relationships with subcontractors that are based on trust and respect, you can create a team that can do anything … and give you a day or two in the process.