4 Tips for Optimising Your AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords has proven itself to be one of the most revolutionary and important online advertising platforms. With tens of thousands of advertisers on its network, Google is a true powerhouse in both the fields of search and online advertising. What does this mean for you and your online business? Success with AdWords advertising campaigns, paired with a great combination of target keywords, can result in some massive payoffs, exposure, and rapid expansion for your business. Whether you’re a small time internet marketer or a multi-millionaire internet entrepreneur, AdWords is something that can help your business achieve the next level of online success. These four tips will help you optimise and maximise your AdWords campaign:

#1 – Don’t spend too much, too quickly.
AdWords is truly about testing, and without good results to back up your spending, it’s silly to buy more advertising than you actually need. If a campaign isn’t getting the results that you want, don’t pump more money into it and expect it to. Google AdWords is different that traditional online advertising, and as a result it’s best to play at the game using a different set of rules. Starting small is good; starting big can have some fatal flaws.

#2 – Micro-test each and every AdWords campaign.
This applies not only to AdWords, but to every internet marketing campaign you ever run. When you’re buying advertising, the last thing you need is for it to be ineffective and a drain on your funds. When you’re trialing different advertising for your online product or service, run five different ads (or even more) and pick the highest performing one. Then, run five small variations of that ad. Refine, refine, refine until you get the results that you want from your advertising.

#3 – Pick great keywords to advertise on.
OK, so “great” isn’t a very technical term. It’s best to pick keywords that are both highly frequent in searches, and relatively free of competition. This isn’t just for cost reasons, but for exposure reasons. Pick a keyword that’s ultra-competitive and you’ll end up seeing your advertisement lost amongst a sea of competitors. Pick a keyword that’s relatively free of competitors and your advertisement will appear on its own, freeing you of any direct competition.

#4 – Use Google AdWords for more than just advertising.
This is an advanced tip for those looking to develop their own online products, not just market previously made products. When you’re in the design process of your product, business, or service, it’s difficult to come up with technical terms, names, and features that will define it from the competition. Using AdWords, you can test for audience responses for various different names, feature lists, and product descriptions. Tim Ferriss did this to pick a name for his bestselling book “The Four Hour Workweek” and it met with massive success. By using AdWords to research product details and brainstorm ideas, you free yourself of having to guess and end up with inaccurate product names.

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