5 Suprising Side Effect Of Orgasm


While for most people sex is known to be the best painkiller, if they suffer from migraines, around one percent of men and women will experience a severe headache during orgasm. Coital cephalgia or headache associated with sexual arousal

and orgasm is more prevalent among men than women. It usually occurs suddenly just before, during or after orgasm with sex partner or during masturbation. Sufferers often experience sharp and explosive headache that can last up to 24 hours. Some people may even have severe headache with nausea and vomiting.

A doctor may prescribe betablockers or indomethacin and other analgetics to be taken one or two hours before sexual intercourse to prevent headaches after sex.

Sperm allergy

Some women may actually have allergy to sex. Unfortunately, a quite rare condition called semen allergy will make women experience such symptoms as itching and sensation of burning in the genital area, genital swelling and sometimes even trouble breathing. Almost half of all women with semen allergy will have the allergic reaction during their first intercourse and the condition can get worse. Semen allergy is considered to be quite rare, though many cases go unreported since it is difficult to make difference between allergic reaction to partner’s semen and infection.

Interesting enough, specialists say that the best cure for semen allergy is more frequent sex, but only with a doctor’s assistance. The desensitization treatment for semen allergy involves so-called intravaginal seminal graded challenge during which a woman is given micro doses of partner’s semen vaginally. The therapy also requires frequent sex between partners two or three times per week.


Many women are embarrassed to notice that they are passing urine during sex. Since during orgasm the muscles surrounding bladder and genitals contract, it is not uncommon to release urine. The urination during orgasm is often associated with irritable bladder and weakened pelvic floor muscles. It is important to mention that urination during orgasm is often confused with female ejaculation, when a woman releases the clear liquid, resulting from G-spot stimulation. Female ejaculation is normal and does not require any preventive measures.

If you deal with urinary incontinence during sex, you can try to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle by practicing Kegel exercises. Also limiting the amount of fluid and going to the bathroom before sex can help to deal with the problem. Your doctor may prescribe you oxybutynin or other medications to treat overactive bladder condition.


One of the most disturbing reactions during sex is repeated sneezing suddenly after orgasm. There are several theories why some people tend to sneeze after orgasm. The symptom may appear due to increased blood flow in the body, or as a reaction to some external irritant. Also scientists discovered that sneezing is a sign of sexual arousal and sexual thoughts. It is explained by the fact that when a person is sexually aroused the autonomic nervous system sends the signal, which leads to changes in the genitals and may cause engorgement in the nose, making a person sneeze.

The common treatment to prevent sneezing during orgasm includes the use of nasal decongestants before sex.

Abdominal pain

Orgasms may also bring such unpleasant symptom as abdominal pain. If the pain is occasional and you have no other symptoms, the pain is most likely to go away after a while. This is caused by intense contractions of the muscles in the pelvic floor area that are also felt in the lower abdomen. The other possibility is that you may actually fail to reach an orgasm. During sexual arousal, the blood flow in the pelvic floor increases and if you do not achieve sexual release, it creates pelvic congestion, which may lead to discomfort in the lower abdominal area.

However, if you experience severe pain, burning sensation and other suspicious symptoms, it is better to check in with your doctor.