5 things to do on a Budget in Dubai

Ever wanted to visit the beautiful city of Dubai? Dubai is a unique City in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has modern flare and they live a lavish lifestyle. Many of the population is either very rich or very poor there is no in between when it comes to this city.  Even though Dubai is a luxurious City there are still things that can be done on a budget if you are vacationing in Dubai. There are also cheap hotels in Dubai that will accommodate you very well while on your trip.

1. Shopping- I know shopping can get expensive but in Dubai you can haggle with the salesman to get the best deals. Dubai offers around 25 shopping malls and the more traditional open air markets. They are tax free which is a luxury in itself and you can find some great deals right in the marketplace.  If shopping is what you do best and you then you can visit some cheap hotels in Dubai near the shopping malls to make your stay even better.

2. Taking an Abra across the creek. An Abra is a small wooden boat the locals use to get across the river.  Think that you can walk the whole time while you are in Dubai. I think not, Dubai is a large City and it would take a lot of walking to visit the entire city. Dubai is in the middle of the Arabian Desert so of course it is going to be hot. So sit down relax and enjoy a ride on the river in an Abra.

3. How about a trip into the Desert. You ever wanted to visit the desert before; Well in Dubai you can take a tour of the Desert.  They have many different desert Safaris, and you can just jump in and enjoy the beauty of the everlasting desert.  If you are into 4 WD then this is the best adventure you can take because you will be dune bashing the whole way.

4. Visit the unique buildings that Dubai has to offer. Dubai has the tallest building in the world, The Bruj Khalifa, It is extravagant and why not visit this beautiful attraction while you are in Dubai, Dubai also offers one of the most unique buildings, The Burj al Arab, it is a lavish 7 star hotel, but if you are on a budget I doubt this hotel will fit in your budget.

5. Last but not least, after you have spent your vacation enjoying the tourist attractions you are going to probably want to take a dip into the ocean. You can visit the Jumeirah Beach Park, This beautiful Beach is a nice place to enjoy the ocean but you better find the correct spot or you will be warned. The park has different areas such as an area for families, an area for males, and an area for females. I’;m sure this has to do with the culture in Dubai as Dubai is a Muslim country.

So if you are ready to plan your next vacation in Dubai, make sure to plan your schedule before you go or you may end up spending way more than your budget can handle. I suggest starting with your flights on a budget and cheap hotels in Dubai first to see if you can find one that is a good fit for you. Dubai has a lot to offer for tourists and it also offers a lot of entertainments for young people and older people alike.  Take a vacation, relax and enjoy your stay in Dubai.