5 Things to expect when raising a disabled child

Raising a child is tough work, and you never know what to expect when doing so, but when raising a child with a disability is not that much different. It does have its differences but in the long run raising a disabled child is somewhat the same as raising a regular child, with a few minor differences.

1.Treat them no different from a normal child:

While teaching them you may think you have to force them to do things. You don’t give them space they will learn things at their own pace.  Just like with any other child you give them time and let them practice and they will get it on their own time.

2.They develop Slower:

Disabled children develop at a slower rate. Like a blind child, they can’t see how to do things like walk, eat with a spoon, or even blow kisses. So when someone says your child is behind on things don’t fret, they will learn at their own pace, you can’t force them to do anything, all you can do is give them space and let them learn for themselves. You can’t rush them or they will get frustrated and think something is wrong, and that’s what you don’t want is for your child to feel any different from other children.

3.Don’t force them:

You shouldn’t force them to do things. If they don’t want to walk or sit on the potty don’t force them to. If they are scared of something just give them time they will get used to it. As for the potty, if they are scared because they don’t know what it is, don’t force them to sit there. Sit them on it and if they want to get off let them, wait a few days and try again, and just keep doing that until they understand what it is. Use the toilet at the same time and let them know what your doing, chances are they will realize what you are doing, and you being mommy or daddy they will want to do the same as you.

4.Don’t be over protective:

Don’t coddle them all the time. When they cry let them be, if they fall and knock something don’t act all scared and freak out, they are fine all children fall when learn new things. Most parents are so over protective, they freak out when their kids fall and get hurt, as soon as their child cries they are there to pick them up. Your disabled child is going to get hurt and cry, and if you are coddling them every time they fall and bump their head or scrap their knee they will then think there is something wrong with them.

5.Love Them:

It is difficult dealing with a disabled child, when you don’t know how to act with them. But all you can do, like with any child, is love them. Show them that you love them and care about them. They may push you away and hit, but all you can do is show them you care. Let them know that you are there for them and would do anything for them. When they do something wrong don’t lose your temper, be calm and show that you’re not going to get angry.