5 Ways to Make Yourself Happy

We all want happiness. That is the ultimate goal. Most of us are waiting to be happy as we always say “let’s finish this project then I can have time to relax”. Sounds familiar? You are not alone.

In order to have good mood at any time, we need to pamper ourselves. Remember, happiness is all around and the best things are we don’t need to have reason to be happy.

That is the lesson we ought to learn.

a.Enjoy sunrise or sunset

If you are living by the beach or near the beach, you could sit there, open up a bottle of Chianti wine to cheer with the sun. Or, you could simply sitting there, have a moment of inner peace, pay salute to the sun.

b. Singing in the shower

It was proven that people who sing during the shower are happier. It’s ok to sing. You don’t have to be Beyonce or Justin Timberlake to sing in your shower room. It is about you. No one else. Therefore, brave up, sing your heart out, while brushing your hair and your skin. It is an exercise for body movement. Now, you face muscle can exercise too.

c. Listen to inspire music

Pick any song you like which could uplift your mood. For example, Danny Gokey’s My best days are ahead of me. The title itself is inspiring, don’t you think? Otherwise, I also find Hairspray song “Good morning Baltimore” to be a good way to start a day. How about Halo by Beyonce? I love that song. Every time the music plays, I just want to sing along. Or perhaps some Italian opera do the trick too for instance La Donna e Mobile. Don’t know the language, it’s okay. Just sway your body.

d. Do one thing to cheer you up

This is an imperative step. It doesn’t have to be something complicated. It could be a sprint in the rain, enjoying the rain splashing on your body and the tingling sensation wires up your mood. All right, maybe you are not a rain lover, so take a brisk walk while you are going to the coffee shop and pay complete attention to your feet or your surroundings.

e. Be present at the moment.

I admit, this is somewhat difficult. We are all having been trained to multitask. Being at this moment, our minds have already wandered off to the next hour or while on morning shower, your body is showering but you mind is wandering to your work. If you are one of this super multitask man or lady, don’t worry, you are not alone. I emphasized it. You Are Not Alone.

Being at this moment could be easy, in fact, it is easy. One breath to take you back to the now. Following your breath in to your lungs and your abdomen slight bulging and then exhale, following the breath flows out from your body.