6 Amazing Questions to Ask About "age Kids Learn to Read"

Lets take a look at the researched average age kids learn to read and how to make sure your kid/kids learn to read at the right time.

Question #1 about Age kids learn to read, Why you should NOT wait for school:

As a parent it is your responsibility to take good care of your kid/kids. If you trying to teach reading to your kids then you are building more neurons in his/her brain. If you want to make sure your child reads at the average age kids learn to read then you are giving him/her a head start before real school. You are sharpening his language and motor skill and increasing his memory and attention span. You are spending time with your loved one and so you are also making sure he is growing emotionally, socially and psychologically. Moreover, you are decreasing the time that could have been spent in front of the TV thus protecting your kids from eyesight problems. Above all, you are making sure your kid learns to read at (the average) age (when) kids learn to read.

Question #2 about Age kids learn to read, What is the BIG Secret?

What is the truth behind the “age kids learn to read”? Most children learn to read by 6 or 7 years of age. Some children learn at 4 or 5 years of age. But if a parent follows the tips given below, their kid can read even before he is 4 years old.

Question # 3: What are the Big DOS of Reading to your child

  1. Leave books in your kid’s room for him/her to enjoy on his own.
  2. Once your kid begins to read, have him read out loud. This can help build your child’s confidence in his ability to read and help him enjoy learning new skills.
  3. Take books to read to your child on long trips and places where you have to wait like the doctor’s office.
  4. Use funny voices and animal noises.Use facial expressions to indicate happiness or sadness. This will help your kid get excited and interested about the story.

Question # 4: What are the Big DON’TS of Reading to your child

  1. Do not drill your kid on letters, numbers, colors, shapes, or words. Instead, make a game out of it
  2. Do not get irritated if your kid insists on reading the same book every day. Do not discourage this, since he finds reading this book pleasurable – and pleasure is what he should get from reading!
  3. Do not push your kid to read. Let your kid enjoy books and reading. Pushing or forcing a kid can put off them from reading and studying all together. Take it easy.
  4. Do not ask your kid to read when your kid is fatigued or frustrated. If your kid is distracted than do not force hime/her tpo carry on. Take a break.

Question # 5 about Age kids learn to read is different in different countries:

According to a recent reasearch study most youngsters in the UK start learning to read and write often before their fifth birthday.On the other hand, in Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden) age kids learn to read is much delayed i.e., usually when children are six or seven 

Question # 6 about Age kids learn to read: How can I help my kids learn to read early?

I am sure you have enjoyed this article on “age kids learn to read”. If you are a mother or a teacher you might want your son/daughter/student to read early. Children who start reading early are more likely to become successful student in their later years.If you want to know more about Children Learning Reading and other Children Learning Program then you should check out the following

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