6 Lovely Lines That Work As Success Secrets

Look around you, and there is a good chance that you will find many people complaining something. It does not matter if you are rich or you are poor – problems are part of everyday life, regardless of your wealth or status.

Does that make you feel better? No. ‘So, what if others have problems, they have no idea what a tough time I am facing,’ is the general cryptic remark you get to hear. Yes, of course, every individual has his own difficulties sets of problems which are not comparable with anyone else’s problems.

Having said that, one must also say that problems are not the ultimate reality of life. There is more to life which we tend to miss when we keep looking at only the obstacles. Problems do get solved eventually and also have a habit of making way for more problems. In other words, there is no end to challenges, they will keep coming and that is what life and living is all about.

Let’s look at some motivational quotes that always serve as success secrets by helping you to look at the magnificence and beauty of life that lies beyond the problems:

  1. Make peace with your past so that it does not spoil your present.

The past is gone and left for us in its wake, memories to cherish and lessons to be learned. If you have had a difficult past, there is no benefit in mentally reliving it. Instead, learn from your mistakes; be grateful for the blessings and look ahead as to how you can create a better present and brighter future.  

  1. What others think of you is none of your business

Most often we keep wondering about what people will think about me, how they will view what I did and so on. This often stops us from taking the initiative or standing up for what we believe in. There is no end to these doubts because you will never be able to correctly gauge what different people will think about you. They will all think differently, the way they choose to.  

The one thing that stops you on the road to success is doubt and apprehensions about how others view your journey.

“You are not responsible for what people think of you but you are responsible for what you give them to think about,” is a quote that beautifully sums up what you must give importance to. If you treat others well, do the right thing and do everything with your heart and soul, people will view your words and activities positively. In the end, all that matters is whether you feel good about yourself and you are happy with what you have done or achieved. Being happy with your own self is the most crucial key to success.

  1. Time heals almost everything, so give time, some time…

Some things may hurt a lot, but you have to accept what cannot be changed or undone. Time is the biggest healer and as you move ahead with life, the intensity of the hurt and the pain become less. Don’t be in haste. Do what you believe in and keep the faith in your own abilities. Leave the rest to time. The positive results will follow.

  1. Do not compare your life with others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

If you must compare, compare your own self with what you were in the past. Do not make the mistake of comparing yourself with others because one only tends to look at the gains the others have made without having much idea about the struggles they have had to face to get there.

It’s no use comparing yourself with those who have earned more wealth, career growth, success and fame than you have. Compare yourself with what you were earlier. This is the best way of self improvement. You will know how much you have grown and which road to success you must take.

  1. Stop thinking too much. It’s all right not to know all the answers

Thinking too much leads to worries, fears and may develop into a brooding habit. Try to think before every word you speak or everything you do, but that does not mean you wallow in worries. You may not have the answers to everything. But rest assured, a thoughtful, compassionate mind and a kind heart knows as much as there is need to know. Trust your instincts, rely on your good intentions and take steps forward.

  1. SMILE! You don’t own all the problems of the world!

Be generous with your smile. The more you smile, the better you feel deep inside. Problems are part of life and many others have bigger problems than you have.

As someone said, “Everything in life happens for a reason so live it, learn it and love it. Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile…!”