6 Tips to Prepare You For Your First Acupuncture Therapy

The majority of people who want to try this therapy are also usually a little bit scared and worried because they are not really sure what it will be like and what to expect from this strange Chinese therapy. Let me give you a few tips that you should read to get ready for your first acupuncture therapy.

1) Don’t be scared – it doesn’t usually hurt.

In general it is not painful when the acupuncturist is poking your body with needles if you are relaxed. The reason for it is that the needles which acupuncturists use are a lot thinner than the regular sewing needles. Also they are never inserted deep and in some cases (mostly Japanese acupuncture) the needles are just touched against your skin without any insertion at all.
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2) Don’t worry – you won’t have to take off a lot of your clothes.

There are hundreds of acupuncture points on your body and depending on the diagnosis, acupuncturist will choose the ones that he wants. It is really common to use points located on your feet, back and ears. In most cases you must uncover just a tiny area of your body. The therapist usually uses around 20 to 25 needles.

3) Stay calm – relax your body, relax your mind.

In order to have a comfortable and nice acupuncture therapy you should definitely let yourself relax and maybe even doze off for the time that you are left alone on the acupuncture table. It could actually be very beneficial and make the therapy more effective. Also keep in mind that you shouldn’t move around too much when the needles are inserted in your skin because that might make the whole thing much more painful than it should be.

4) Stay patient – you won’t see the results right away.

People usually feel very good and relaxed after their first visit to the acupuncturist but in most cases it will take many procedures to experience any improvement in the long-term. It won’t be possible to get rid of all your health problems after the first time instead try to have acupuncture, for example, twice a week for a month and then check and evaluate your progress.

5) Be smart – know when it is the time to stop.

As I already mentioned, you definitely shouldn’t quit after your first procedure just because your symptoms have not disappeared, however, I also wouldn’t suggest you to waste your valuable time and money if it is obvious that acupuncture is not suited for you. If you still don’t see any real results after the first 10 treatments then you should probably quit and consider other types of treatment.

6) Be secure – trust only qualified professionals.

In order to feel secured when having acupuncture always find out if your acupuncturist has a membership in any official acupuncture organization. You have to understand that acupuncture is a harmless and safe therapy but only if it is done by a qualified professional.