7 Right Step's to Finding Dream Job

7 Right  Step’s to Finding Dream Job

If you are stuck in jobs that do not like, if you are unhappy and always complaining every time I had to go to work, maybe it’s time you change the situation.

Often times a person just realized that the job did not suit him she lived, after experiencing the following two things. First, when he felt it was beyond his limits, and second, when his life began to fall apart.

Of course this happened because he did not analyze or think about what job or career that suits her. And to find out or determine the ideal job or career, one must think of the two sides of his brain.

“The left brain will register all the work if suitable for him, while the right brain will translate his feelings about the job,” says career consultant Lynea Corson-Hadley, as quoted from womensmedia.com.

Unfortunately, in carrying out this process, most people will be busy attending to details or job criteria and what should be done, without the slightest action.

If you also run into this situation and just focus on left brain thinking, you will need a lot of time and effort to pursue your desires. But if you use the right brain, let the sides of the brain is directing you about the things that you like, dislike, and find answers that really work right for you.

1. Make a list of things you do not like with your current circumstances and make a positive denial of the situation.

This is like when you want the tea, but you are presented with coffee. That means you have to throw the coffee in advance to get the tea. This is the same as the search for the ideal job. You must get rid of all the negative things from your current job before making the criteria of an ideal job of your dreams.

Furthermore, analysis of what are the things you do not like the job now and want to get rid of your ideal job. Next, we create a positive denial about this. Positive denial will express your rejection of the rules that apply in general.

“For example, you could write that, I do not believe that I have to work from 9 am until 5 pm to get a lot of money and a good future,” said Corson-Hadley.

In addition, you also can write that, “I do not necessarily have to wade through traffic to meet clients, or” I do not have to accept a tedious task. ”

2. Make a picture of the job you want as if you had a magic power to instantly make it happen.

 Write how many hours you want to work, you want to wear clothes at work, wanting to work day or night, how the atmosphere of your work (whether full technological equipment or people who are fun), the sound you want to hear (music, machinery, or people speaking), working alone or team, if you are in sales, whether you want to shot-term sales or contracts more flexible, and so on. The more detailed you make it, the better.

3. Illustrate.

Then, create an illustration of such a dream job. You can create an image of each of the points that you have previously made in stage two.

4. Make positive statements about the list that have been made.

For example you could write, “I’m happy because I can manage my work time. The impact, I can actually do things in a whole day. ”

5. Discard the notion that limit.

Most of us live in the structure or the trust that has been built for centuries. When in fact, we can create a new trust or confidence to our own.

6. Do not be afraid to start your own business.

If you’ve made a list of ideal job description, you should make plans to achieve those goals. Let your imagination flourish. Who knew this would lead to something even far from the shadow of your past.

7. Do not be afraid of change.

If you have moved away, moved out of town, or any life changes you have to face to get their dream job, do not be afraid to do so. Remember, that you have to throw cups of coffee to get the tea as you want.

How? Are you ready with the changes you want to live?