7 Step Head Massage

Stress, and tension can build up in your shoulders, neck and head. Ultimately this can lead to headaches, or migraines. Relieving your stress is not always an easy task. Although, massage therapists seem to know exactly what areas to work on when you tell them a headache is your problem. That is because massage therapists learn about all of the pressure points on the head and the entire body. Knowing the simple techniques of a head massage can be crucial to reducing your headache symptoms.

            A normal massage involves getting undressed, using lotions or creams, and getting on top of a massage table or chair. For a head massage all you need is a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lay down. This 7-step head massage is quick and effective for relieving tension, stress, and pain from a headache. It will revitalize your mind and body and allow you to have a better positive attitude.

Step 1: Massage the scalp with the pads of your fingers in a circular motion. Make sure you cover the whole head, covering the whole scalp several times.

Step 2: Grab large sections of hair in your hand, while maintaining your knuckles in contact with the scalp. Gently pull on the hair and release. Repeat with all the hair on the scalp.

Step 3:Place your thumb pads just above the middle of each eyebrow. Steady the head with your rest of your fingers. Press the thumbs as you move them up and over the forehead and releasing as you reach the hairline of the scalp. Using the thumbs again, stroke across the forehead starting at the midline, out from the center.

Step 4:With your fingers locate the dimples behind the ears. Apply pressure for a few seconds then release. Repeat this 3 times.

Step 5:Lift the head and neck gently and slowly roll toward the left, hold for 1 second and release. Repeat to the right.

Step 6:Cup both hands under the neck. Gently lift the head and hold for a stretch for a couple of seconds.

Step 7:Apply gentle but firm pressure to the occipital hollows at the base of the skull using your fingers.

For a more relaxing environment use aromatherapy oils or candles. Practice your technique on your family and friends to relieve their symptoms. Soon they will be coming to you every time they have a headache.