8 Christmas gift ideas for girls!

8 Christmas gift ideas for girls aged approximately 7-12. On Christmas 2009, Give young girls traditional gifts, gifts that have sentimental value, gifts that make them feel like young adults or gifts that will keep them busy and creative for hours.

1 A cookery book is a little girl’s Christmas gift that will keep her busy creating meals in the kitchen, but there is an idea a little more personal, ideal as a gift from mother to daughter or grandmother to grandchild. Buy an index box – that is a small box with a number of index cards in it. Write down your favorite recipes, one on each card. This is a gift that will last for generations, and hopefully the family recipes will be handed down from daughter to daughter.

2. Kidizoom Digital Camera by VTech is a digital camera for kids and any young lady will happily snap away with this adult looking gadget. It could be the beginnings of a new hobby. If you want to add to it get her a photo album, or even pay for a photography course.

3. Make Christmas 2009 the season she learns to sew a button on. Give her a sewing kit. Apart from all the paraphernalia which goes inside, the most impressive part of the gift is the basket or box that it comes in. Use either a traditional sewing basket from a sewing shop or craft store, or use a fishing tackle box. Add buttons, scissors, cotton, needles, pins, safety pins etc. If you want to add to this gift give her some material to get started.

4. Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Put together a collection of ribbons, hair bands, bandannas, bracelets, rings, belts, broaches, hats or pins. They are not expensive so you can put quite a few into an attractive box for her to dig through and discover one treasure after another.

5. A diary with a lock on it can be the key to her heart this Christmas. Little girls like to have secrets and this gives them a place to keep them.

6. A more traditional gift is a flower press. This suites a girl that is quiet and likes to spend time by herself doing projects, it is also a great gift for kids that like nature.

7. A collection of art materials with lots of separate items is great especially if presented in a professional looking art box. The box should be one that is going to last, not a throw away gift box. Ideally, buy a wooden art box from a craft store which includes a palate, brushes and paints. Don’t forget to buy paper, and if you want to add to this gift give her an easel.

8. A make-up set. It doesn’t have to be expensive or real, as toy shops sell kids make-up sets, but the closer it looks to the real thing the better. Let them add this to their collection of dress-up clothes and put on a Christmas show!