8 Ways to Search for Authority Links

The best link building requires searching for authority links, establishing contact with potential linking sites, negotiating the best link possible and then continuously monitoring acquired links. Being successful in finding the right links will determine the effectiveness of your link building campaign. The potential for links is almost endless with millions of sites in or publishing content related to every vertical. Maximizing opportunity requires a varied approach to searching for links.

Here are a few tips to help your link search:

  1. Look up your competitors’ backlinks.
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  4. Identify the link sites to the link sites. After identifying your competitors backlinks look up their backlinks, and so on and so on…
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  7. Search for your desired {Keyword} and variations + {year – starting at 1999}.This will help bring up some of the older more “algorithmically respected” sites and often underutilized sites that got left behind in the time warp.
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  10. Use multiple search engines when searching for link opportunities. This will give you a variety and help you find authority sites for a mix of algorithms (important when optimizing for more than just Google).
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  13. Follow outbound links from potential link sites to other relevant sites. Blogrolls are great for this because they provide starting list that grow exponentially very quickly.
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  16. Search in DMOZ. This is great because many DMOZ sites are old, they are DMOZ listed (obviously), and there are many gems that have not kept up with current optimization standards enough to be easily found in search results.
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  19. Search in Social. Sites like Digg are perfect for finding potential linking sites with high crawl rates. The percentage of relevant sites that are not pitching a product or service are higher unlike search engines that turn up many competitors unlikely to link to you no matter what you offer them.
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  22. Adsense, and other ad networks. Using ad networks to find potential link opportunities is really easy. Run your text ad and view your analytics. Approach the sites you want links directly after seeing them in your reports. These lists are great because they are proven to be relevant to your keywords, you get both traffic and conversion data, which will help you to quantify the link value even further, and you know that the sites are open to text links, your only challenge will be to convince them to provide an SEO friendly link in place of your PPC or CPM ad.

If you have any more suggestions or ideas we would love to hear them!