In the New york Minute , i got lost in the hustle and bustle of my life . In the mundane activities and the frantic rat race to earn fame and money , i have parted with the subtle meaning of my life . 

An inspiration not followed , a dream not worthy for a rich life , A circle of friends to compete , a day’;s end with an hectic overload ,A life left devoted to getting success, A passion ruined , and a soul of imaginative ambitions bruised  ->> Do i think i can achieve the alleged success of the society by following such footsteps of our past generations ..

Does Success not meant to achieve Money which gives us less happiness than the job done to earn the money ??

Easy Said than done !! Right 

But do that pulsating pump in your body reciprocates your rational abiilities and moral strategies to earn dollars !! Never !!

It understands only one language – the language of love – not that between the lovers …. its between a lover and his dream !!

You may try a ton to covince yourself to play a safe stroke when it comes to career planning .. But give your heart a chance to answer your dilemma … it always favours your dream .. your scientific approach and logical reasoning may lay unpredictable hurdles infront of you .. for example – my dream is very difficult to achieve , i am not so devoted , i lack the talent …blah blah blah … But who can shut this simple heart of mine to stop dreaming and step on the concrete of reality ..

But surely i wont dissapoint my lifeline – My sweet little Heart  !! Having played a safe stroke, at the crest of a settled professional life I oath to try to fulfill your sweet little dreams so that when you are tired and stop beating you echo on my dead soul and that the fire of my funeral shall deepen the warmth and love in ourselves ..