A Journey of a Lifetime

The tourist of the world can look upon many wonderful and inspiring buildings and visit as many beautiful places around the world, If I could go back in time, I would have loved to have seen the seven wonders of the ancient world, all that is left of them, are pictures and engravings.

The Giza pyramid is the largest of the pyramids and is the only one of the seven wonders of the world remaining, as all pyramids, it was a tomb, and is thought to have taken around 20 years to build, it was, for 3800 years the tallest man made building on Earth.
I would have loved to have seen the “Hanging gardens of Babylon “with its well structured hanging plants, heightening the beauty of Babylon, not just because I love nature and all things natural but close by was “The tower of Babel” (But then that’s another story)

I think you may well know my love for the Greek gods, so to have seen THE statue, of the god of gods “Zeus” would have been quite something.
Temples I can take or leave but let’s face it the “Temple of Artemis” was beauty personified. It’s a good thing the Greeks and Romans love to build for their dead, because we would have missed out, on so many of the magnificent buildings, if only “The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus” was still standing, we have to rely on the interpretation of artist and engravers such as Marten Heemskerk to give us an idea of the beauty that we are now missing.

I can remember as a schoolboy looking in awe, at some of the pictures of “The Colossus of Rhodes” standing astride the entrance to the harbour mouth, although a fanciful thought of this giant astride the harbour mouth, it was more likely the statue stood on a plinth such as today’s Statue of liberty.
The “Lighthouse of Alexandria” was originally built as a landmark and was only later used as a lighthouse in the modern sense of the word and I am sure would have put to shame the lighthouses of today.