A Rocking Horse Keeps Children Happy And Occupied

Most of us have come across a child’s rocking horse, which is a horse shaped toy placed on rockers. These rockers are made up of springs that allow the child to rock while riding and the child is fascinated by the rocking movements. You will also see it like a hobbyhorse. Childs rocking horse is a favorite with many kids as it gives them a sense of riding on a true horse.

Typically it is a small horse, but this child’s rocking horse is very sturdy and safe for your child to sit on and ride. The shape is of a real horse with tail, head, tail and legs. The hooves are at the bottom and have curved joints like a bow. In fact they are like the joints which are seen in the rocking chair and offer a back and forward movement, which lets the kid rock on it.

You will get a child’s rocking horse with a footrests and straps which work like stirrups and it is possible for the child to put his feet safely in them. The horse generally has two handles on its sides which start from the head. The child holds on to the handle firmly while rocking on it.

Child’s rocking horse has been dated back to the middle Ages as the earliest dates and they were made for knights to practice pushing, but later on in the 17th and 18th century they were made as wooden toys for kids to play, in Germany. In those days only the very rich could have such toys for their kids.

With time things changed and a child’s rocking horse was available very easily and could be found in most houses around the world. The horse has become very common now and most of them are found in the attic after the children have outgrown them. You can even get the new ones made of plastic in place of wood. It is surprising though that despite the coming of computer games and Barbie dolls a simple rocking horse is still as tempting as before.

There are a few child’s rocking horse that come with real horsehair mane and they are typically well padded to make it very comfortable for the child to sit on it and rock. There are cloth saddles and reins to go with it.  You can get them in regular brown and grey color and there are several bright and lively colors to choose from. If you want you can buy the accessories which go with it in fabric, leather etc.

There are some inventive models of the child’s rocking horse like the rocking horse toilet. This is a toy which serves two purposes. It is a child’s toy which also aids in teaching the toilet etiquette to the kid. They can be bought for $200 to $3,500, based on what toy you want. When the child’s rocking horse is being used, you must be vigilant.

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