A Runner's Agony

As I lazily pulled myself out of my slumber.  Body aching all over especially my heels – limping.  Each step sends sharp pain up from the sole of my feet. 

I know that this pain has a name for it, it called Plantar Fasciitis.  Each time, I asked myself, why I continue to run even with the pain but the alternative is far worst.   

I stopped running since the incident 3 months ago.  However, as the days passed, I could feel the excess energy building up within me.  Energy that has no chance to escape. The pressure in my head building up.  I tried doing push up daily in the early morning (but skipped sometimes) provides a temporary reprieve but it does not last for more than a few hours.   However, towards after lunch I start to feel drowsy and my temple starts to throb.    I try coffee to keep me awake – sometimes it helps but other times, it makes it worst.  It is like blowing more air into a balloon to keep it from exploding.  It just does not work.  I feel the lack of oxygen in my body as my heart seems to beat too slowly.  Lack of oxygen in my brain!!

I need to run.  I am addicted to running. 

As a running, my muscles tense and loosens with each step.  I could hear the sound as I take each step forward.  As my pulse increases, I could feel my nasal passage open up.  The pressure draining from my head towards the muscles in the other parts of my body.  Which each pounding of my feet on the ground, the mass of my body coming down on my legs.  The pressure on the ankles.   My first 15 minutes feels good then I start to feel the lactic acid building up.  Then my body and mind starts to argue, my mind wants to go on but my body just wants to stop and rest.  My mind tries to tell my body – belly breathing, belly breathing but subconsciously, my body starts switching to chest breathing.  My breath shortens and I start feeling the shortage of breath.  There is still a lot of stored energy but my body does not want to go on.   This is when I feel the extra pressure of my bloated belly as I regret the indiscretion taken on my diet since I stopped my running.  The pain builds up towards the right side of my abs towards the chest.  With each step I find it harder to breath but I want to continue forward.  My mind is willing but my body screams back – STOP!!!

Reluctantly, I slow down to a stop.    As I ran, I noticed the blood flowing to the surface of my arms making it red.  The sweat builds up slowly making my arms sweat.  Slight trickle of the sweat makes it on my chest and slowly flowing down to my belly and onto my pants.  Pretty soon, you could see my shorts wet around the waist.   It’s been a while since I felt the sweat.  I greet the sweat with mixed feeling since on the one hand I enjoy the sweat but on the other hand, I hate it – I sometimes get rashes from the sweat (probably due to allergic reaction from the toxin my body is excreting).  As I slow down to stop, the sweat just gushes for much more than when I am running.  Not sure why but I sweat a lot more after I slow stop.

As I stop, I still feel too much energy and want to continue to run but alas the momentum is gone.  Ah well, just walk a few more rounds and then continue some other day.