A Story From The Middle Ages

It’s an old story, began in 1514, Italy.
This story’s main character is Victoria, who was 21 years old. Victoria had a lot of acquaintances, she was so well-known.

Alfredo, a bank assistant wants to make a lot of money but he comes from a poor family and he is an unknown person.
Knees wants to be Victoria’s boyfriend. She looks very pretty, her voice is beautiful and she is a very kind girl.
That’s the reason why she is wanted by a lot of man. When I say: a lot, it’s include: Alfredo, Knees, Alberto, Medico, Rota, Vito and others…
The story’s main character is Victoria, but the main protagonist is Vito who comes from a good family and he is a bit other than those men.
He is not gay or something else, he just don’t about drinking and having fun all the time.
He’s a fixer but works in a pub at nights. He has got money and good reputation.
Vito is now a single but had a girlfriend half a month ago. He’s ready for something new. He know Victoria but not too much but Vito saw that Knees want more, than a simple relationship.
Inside Knees, there’s an evil person. He just want to have sex with Vyky*
[*Vyky – the nickname for Victoria – in these times]
Alfredo wants to help Vyky too, but he’s too weak to protect her and a bit shy too.
Here comes Medico. Medico makes medicines, he is a doctor in these days but he is a former pub owner.
Medico is strong enough to fight against Knees.
Knees is a very silly man. He didn’t attend any school and he can just say thanks to his father who had a lot of money and Knees now live from this money.
Knees ally is Alberto, who pretended that he is a friend of Medico’s. Alberto betrayed Medico and killed him with a poisoned dagger.
But Alberto didn’t know that Knees wanted to kill him. He rented some tough guy to beat him and Knees could finish it with a murder.

It was a background story, Victoria didn’t know anything about this just noticed that: Where are those guys? Maybe they travelled to another country. What a shame…

Rota! is the man who was born in France, 1496, he’s 18 years old now, made the decision that he want a woman, a real woman, not a girl.
On a night, in April, he met with Vyky in a pub, which was owned by Medico, years ago…
Rota is not a generous man, he doesn’t work, Rota just rent slaves to work instead of him. He is short and fat, but has got money… a lot of money, which means a lot…
Vyky doesn’t like Rota, she thinks he is a fat pig who can just eat, yell and sleep. (And she’s right.)

Vito and Alfredo know each other, they’re not rivals – in fact, Alfredo wouldn’t have chance against Vito in a duel –
Vito get the information that Knees killed Alberto and hired Alberto to kill Medico. After two months, Knees have to go to prison for life sentence.

August, 1514
Alfredo is very ill, he doesn’t have money for medicine. He dies in a week.
Vito hasn’t got any opponent and he liked Victoria very much over the months.
They began a relationship with each other and had a lot of fun and love until the war didn’t begin. But this is another story…

This story was not about the love, not about the happiness. It’s just a true story from the Middle Ages.