A Tale of Toilet Paper in Dublin, Ireland

Rarely do I begin a live report by talking about toilet paper.

Correction: Never.

Still, here I am in Dublin at perhaps the Irish capital’s most talked about hotel, and all I keep raving about is such paper I found in the loo in room 282.

The reason I may be obsessing about this particular hotel amenity could be that — before now — I would pack my luggage with a roll of Charmin whenever I could fit it in and definitely when I was about to go forth on my more obscure adventures. Even when I lived in Hong Kong for a few years back in the 1990s, I actually asked friends coming to visit for Charmin as that is what I missed — no, craved since relocating to Asia from the United States.

Well, forget the Charmin.

The Merrion’s toilet paper is as fine a toilet paper as I have ever experienced. Double (perhaps even triple) quilted, the goods feel like cashmere for the bottom and the look even fits in well with the five-star hotel’s homey decor.  In fact, the bright white speciality makes a good looking mate to the more flowery quilted tapestry bed cover in my quarter’s brilliant bedroom.

As you can see, this particular paper has been a real treat for me, especially when discovered after traveling so far for so long without a full-scale bathroom in sight whenever the urge came upon me.  Well, my urge did just that right after I checked into this gorgeous Georgian property so I was delighted in even more ways than the one that is so obvious.

All for now on toilet paper at Dublin’s distinguished The Merrion, but more soon about all sorts of aspects regarding this wonderful hotel, up to and including the incredibly responsive staff and the rarified on-property art collection of which I am very much in awe.

Until then, I hope you don’t mind but I just had to say something about the toilet paper here, one thing in my room I am planning to steal when I leave. And, of course, with the hopes that writing to admit this will not get me into too much trouble with the folks who run this marvelous hotel.

Even still, If this petty act of thievery is a problem, please put the cost on my tab as I will gladly pay for what is rightfully yours but is so cherished by me, a travel writer who has never, ever been so enthralled with toilet paper in her whole entire life, either at home or on the road.

So cheers to you, Merrion Hotel, for being so thoughtful about this very delicate necessity, even though there is no way you could have known about my desire to use only the very best.

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