A UFO in Maine: this is true!

In 1968, while vacationing in Maine, my dad and I witnessed something that still invades my thoughts and dreams. I welcome this opportunity to forward and share this experience from that day.  I understand how people who have had experiences such as this are timid to speak up in fear of jeopardizing their credibility but now I feel different and hope others who have seen or were in anyway involved with what could have been space or time travellers speak up as well.  Please.

Aside from the usual events of fishing and feasting and feasting on lobster, the locals mentioned the evening encounters with friendly bear at the local dump.  We checked into this, and it was supposedly true.  Shortly after dinner, while it was still light, people would drive to a garbage-trash dump nearby and feed the bears marshmallows, of all things.  (Please don’t try this.  In the fall after vacationers have gone home, the residents are in danger whenever they go to the dump because the hungry bears are still expecting food and people have been mauled as a result.) 

On our way there, we drove past a house every quarter of a mile or so and noticed something a little unusual-  the few people who lived along this road were outside of their houses and everyone was standing still and looking up as if in a trance.  

We came to cluster of small cabins and saw a group of maybe twenty people or so looking directly up.  We pulled over and got out of the car to see what everybody was watching and immediately saw a triangular shaped object almost directly above.  The friendly Mainers were looking and pointing at it as we approached.  Perfectly silent and with absolutely no motion at all, this object remained in its space.  It was a silver metallic.  I could tell because the sun, although touching the horizon, was reflecting orange colors onto the object which was nearly straight above.  There were a few thin white whispy clouds beyond the suspended object.  The clouds moved slowly by at a higher altitude.  The sky was clear. Absolutely nothing obstructed anybody’s view at all.  Whatever this was, it was something tangible.  It was real. 

I was 16 at the time and believed in flying saucers but knew they were round, not triangular so even though I wanted to believe what I saw as a visitor from another galaxy, I never felt it was from space.  For reasons I cannot explain, I always thought it to be man-made.  Now, however, I feel different.  No one there could accurately calculate its size or distance because there was nothing available to reference, or compare it with.  I was an amateur astronomer and had read a few books about astronomy by then and as luck would have it, I had my new binoculars with me.  These are special binoculars with unusually high light gathering capabilites and I still use them today.  These binoculars are 7 power, have a field of view of 50 and a light gathering capacity of 84.9.  This means they bring in 84.9 times more light than the human eye which is almost as important as the power (7) because night time viewing is exactly that: a “light gathering event.”  7 power, as I’m sure you know, means whatever you see through the binoculars is seven times closer.  The binoculars are made by Swift which still has an outstanding reputation in terms of quality, construction and accuracy.  We passed them around and everybody got their own turn with them.  Few agreed on distance or size, but mostly everyone did agree it was a metalic, triangular, stationary object that had vents, louvres, grilles, or something on it. It did not have perfectly smoothe skin although everything about it was totally symetric, or even.  It was not an equalateral triangle.  That is, the sides were not equal in length.  It came to a sharp point on what we believed to be the front end.  It was an acute triangle that resembled an arrowhead.  It looked modern.  A little too modern and even though no one there was in anyway threatened in anyway, many people were decidedly uncomfortable.  Everyone present spoke in small voice as if not to attract its attention or provoke it. 

 Eventually my neck began to hurt from looking straight up.  If you try this you will see in a relatively short time how quickly your neck throbs. We got back into our car and drove off to the dump to see the bears but the bears were a no-show.  

The following day the newspaper said the object was a “weather balloon.”  Trust me folks, this was nothing of the sort.  I felt as if I was lied to when I read this.  I didn’t really think much about it until about six months ago when watching a show on TV about extra-terrestrials (“Greys”) and their spaceships.  Ever notice how these shows seem to get updated so often?  Anyway, as the show ended and the titles came up across the screen and the volume lowered and a voice announced something about the following show, I saw something that hit me like a bolt of lightening that haunts me even now.  On the bottom, left-hand quarter of the TV screen were artist’s conceptions (drawings) of eight or ten UFO’s they flashed, one after the next.  One of them was the exact same thing we saw, details and all.   40 years after I saw whatever it was up there, I realized I was one of those people who honestly witnessed an Unidentified Flying Object.  This is true.