A wine of questionable parentage.

Eating out at Lola’s on the Lisburn Road in Belfast (yes, the one in Ireland) is always a treat, and when I was there a few nights ago I noticed a wine on the wine list that no-one could possibly miss. It’s called Fat Bastard and for some reason I had never come across it before. But how can you ever say to a pretty waitress “I’ll have a Fat Bastard please”. Some of course will take great delight in ordering a beverage with that name in a very loud voice, but not being that much of an extrovert I settled for something less attention seeking.

The story goes that wine people Thierry Boudinaud and Guy Anderson got together one day to sample wines laid down by Boudinaud. After quite a lot of sampling Boudinaud proposed a barrel that had been “left on the lees” and Anderson was blown away by it. Colour, palate, body, fruitiness – everything about it was superior, and Boudinaud’s own exclamation, delivered in English with a heavy French accent, was “Now that is one fat bastard of a wine”. A compliment of course, and the name stuck.


The name of course catches everyone’s eye as they browse the shelves of wine stores and few can resist the temptation to buy even if out of devilment, something with which to innocently regale  Aunt Aggie on her birthday. However that one bottle is as good an advertisement as any TV or newspaper will ever run, and those who buy from a sense of frivolity usual end up returning for caseloads such is the quality of the wine.

Another twist to the enterprise is that the company is donating money to breast cancer research and education for every bottle sold in September and October.

So next time I go to Lola’s (which will be quite soon) I will join the many who have had the nerve to order a Fat Bastard, but I shall do so sotto voce to avoid a sharp kick on the shins under the table from my wife.