Action Packed Flight Games

Flight games are packed with action and these games give the player control of a flying device. Your goal is to accomplish your mission safely and land with care. Do not to crash your plane, or let it get out of control.

The plane can be controlled using the number keys or you can also use your mouse to control it.

Additional powers like firing bullets or dropping bombs are also given to you and these differ with every game.

War games let you pilot a fighter plane and lots of enemy planes try to bring down your plane. Don’t let them succeed and fly your plane with skill and shoot down any enemies that you encounter.

You must complete basic training to start playing in the battle field. As you advance, you will be given additional weapons and new features get unlocked.

You can also play other games. Like games in which you fly over an alien terrain and every passing alien tries to attack your plane. You can shoot at the alien planes to get past safely.

A unique flight game allows you to control a paper plane and fly the plane for the maximum distance possible. This game allows you to collect points along your journey and you can upgrade your flying device to get additional features.

Other flight games give you the power to control a hot air balloon and some allow you to fly a bird. Help the bird reach the south and kill all the enemies that it encounters along the way. You can also collect bonus items along the way and upgrade to a higher level.

Catapult games are very interesting and the player can position the character in a catapult and hurl it as high and far as possible. You can perform all the stunts you like and score more by collecting objects. Don’t forget to release the parachute in order to avoid a crash landing.

These games have many different characters and you can choose a Santa Claus, or an animal or any other fun creature you like, to make the game even more interesting.

Flight games are suitable for children because they can be played easily by using the keyboard or even the mouse. The rules of the game are also simple and the player is given a single mission to complete. The graphics and colorful characters can keep children busy for hours flying planes, paper planes and other fun devices.