Add Spark to Your Life – Know More About Diamonds

A diamond is one of the hardest metals known. In spite of its hardness, it is considered as one of the most precious gem on earth. Greeks and Romans considered these diamonds as the tears of God and pieces of stars. The word diamond is derived from a Greek word ‘adamas’ which means invisible or transparent. One needs to do an insight research on diamonds before buying, especially if you don’t know much about them. This is because each and every diamond looks flawless with the naked eye but may contain many defects in it. There are factors which determine the price of a diamond.

The grading system of the diamond is based on several factors of which color, cut, clarity and carat weigh play a major role. So, one needs to select an appropriate diamond with the above mentioned C’s to ensure that the diamond is worth the amount paid. Make sure that the diamond you select is a brilliant radiant stone. The cut in the diamond is the most important factor among the above as it controls 98 percent of the diamond’s sparking look. A diamond with poor clarity can look great if it has perfect cuts. These cuts are made at such an angle so the diamond reflects the light in all the directions, which enhances its beauty.

Clarity determines the quality of a diamond. A diamond may have few inclusions inside it. These inclusions include air bubbles, cuts or even breaks. Scratches and nips may also degrade the clarity of the diamond. Depending on the extent of inclusion, diamonds are classified as Very Very Slightly included (VVS 1 and VVS 2), very slightly included (VS) and slightly included (S). A perfect diamond is very rare to find, hence VVS 1 is considered as the best quality diamond available in the market. An ideal diamond is colorless, but natural fancy colored diamonds of red, pink, green and blue are also available which are sold at a higher profit margin because of their rare availability. Carat determines the weight of a diamond. This factor is least prioritized while choosing a diamond as an investment.

Canadian diamond is best known for its quality. It is a clean diamond with no marks on it. One major factor about these Canadian diamonds is that they are uniquely etched with a polar bear laser. This is done to ensure high quality standard and to eliminate forgeries. Always buy diamond from a reputed dealer, as it is very easy for jewelers to make their low grade diamonds look sparking and beautiful in the display. This is possible by providing right lighting to them. Hence, careful examination has to be done before purchasing a diamond. Purchasing diamond from internet involves a lot of risk. This is because there isn’t any possible way to judge the quality of the diamond just by looking at the picture on the site. The only protection and assurance a buyer gets is the reputation of the internet dealer. So, buy a diamond of best quality from a reliable dealer.