Add/adhd Expert's Faqs

ADD/ADHD Expert’s FAQs
Last updated: Thursday, March 10, 2011

ADD/ADHD has had it’s fair allotment of altercation and anybody seems to accept an appraisal on how best to accord with the affection – see the ADD/ADHD expert’s FAQs for some complete advice. 

Q: Adult ADHD

While searching for admonition on the internet (reading up) for my 8-year-old babe who I am abiding is ADD and not ADHD – I came to the ability that I accept been ADD my accomplished life. I absolutely don’t apperceive how I got through academy university etc. (mostly by able tricks).

Today I’m self-employed and if I ambush anyone afresh I’m the one that suffers from it. My babe is actual ablaze and still copes able-bodied in school,but I accept activated her absorption and at 8 years she can’t attending me in the eye for one minute while I’m talking and anon afterwards she will allocution about something else. She aswell forgets what she’s done aural 30 min. If I ask her about it she will acquaint me “it’s just blank, I can’t bethink what I did 30 min ago”! This sounds like me at age 40.

She is with Tina Cowly account academy and is accomplishing actual well, and her account is improving. My anguish is next year is her aboriginal year with exams – getting ablaze is not traveling to admonition her. Ritalin is something that I anticipation I will never acquiesce in MY HOUSE, but at this date I anticipate we can both do with it. If I go to my GP will they be able to appoint it if they anticipate it will admonition (both of us), and do you get a low dosage apathetic absolution in SA? I’m still actual afraid of the product. We accept been application affluence of omega 3 etc articles IQ omega etc.

AThe about-face from acclimatized supplements to assigned medication can be a difficult one. You assume to be accomplishing a ample bulk of analysis which is the best aboriginal footfall you can take. The long-acting Ritalin is accessible in SA; the dosage is abased on the severity of the symptoms, however, weight and accepted bloom factors will aswell play a role. I’m abiding in your analysis you accept appear beyond Strattera and Concerta as well; although the ancillary furnishings tend to be agnate beyond ADD medications, some humans adopt one over the others – this tends to be a balloon and absurdity action unfortunately. If you are still borderline of medication there are cerebral behavioural specialists who can abetment with arresting abilities to accord with ADD.

Before chief on a analysis route, it is appropriate to get a able diagnosis. It may be account demography your babe to an educational analyst who deals with ADD for a complete evaluation; you can acquaintance for a able in your area. Likewise, you may account from an evaluation.

Q: naughty or ADHD?

Just analytical to know, my 10-year-old son is on Ritalin for the endure year. He takes 1 tab 10mg Monday to Friday in the mornings. I don’t wish to accord him annihilation if he gets home as I don’t see the charge for it. What I charge to apperceive is: there are times if he becomes so naughty, like not alert and accomplishing asinine things that he knows he shouldn’t do or annoying his sister, or accepting such a anger if its appointment time.

My bedmate wants to conduct him, which we do to accumulate it beneath control, but breadth or how would one analyze whether he is artlessly getting naughty, or whether this behavior is because of ADD. I feel he does these things because of ADD, my bedmate feels that annoying is annoying and treats it as such. Am I just getting a softy and application that as an alibi for his behaviour? Can you amuse accord me some admonition as how to abode or amusement his behaviour please?

AIt can be difficult to analyze amid just credible annoying and ADD behaviours. The simplest way is to actuate if the behaviours are present acclimatized (including weekends), or on assertive canicule such as non-extra mural canicule or at accurate types of appointment etc. If you can actuate a arrangement to his behaviours, it may due to apathy or abstention of a subject. If it is about a circadian occurence, it is acceptable to be due to ADD.

In affiliation with your doctor, it may be account aggravating an afternoon dosage for a time to see if the unfavourable behaviours decrease. If you do not wish to access your son’s dosage, conceivably agreeable his dosage of 5mg in the morning and 5mg if he gets home would be beneficial; afresh this needs to be discussed with your prescribing able beforehand.

Q: ADD diagnosis

The teacher suspects my babe age 6 has ADD and would like us to do added tests. I am a little afraid though. We accept had her at an OT who said that she is “a backward bloomer”, and the Analyst that did the academy address analysis said she was accomplished to go to Gr1. She is a daydreamer in chic and the abecedary says she doesn’t complete her chic plan on time. She is in a clandestine school. I accept put her on Eye Q to see if annihilation changes. Should I get the tests done?

AIt is barefaced that you are alert of putting your babe through addition assessment; it is aswell barefaced that your daughter’s abecedary accompany her apropos to your attention. Accept you provided the abecedary with the letters of the OT and the Psychologist? From your column I do not apperceive how continued you accept been aggravating EyeQ, it can yield up to 3 months for the furnishings to become arresting so it may be appropriate to delay for that aeon to blooper afore accepting the assessment. A analysis of ADD requires that her affection be present in two or added situations; you can activate ecology her at home, on play dates, in a restaurant etc. Whatever your decision, accumulate the abecedary adapted on your advised affairs to assure her you are acquainted of her apropos and that they are getting tackled.

Q: ADD and discipline

My babe of 10 has been diagnosed with ADD with apathy and anxiety. She has been on Strattera for 6 months. The brilliant archive with R5 per day as a accolade works blithely so mornings are abundant easier.  

My capital apropos at present are:

a) her table manners. I accept been aggravating to get her to eat with her aperture bankrupt for 2 years. She zones out and forgets to abutting her mouth. Mealtimes are a daydream as this causes such tension.

b) her activity like she does not so annihilation right. I anticipate this is added accordant if she is tired. If I acquaint her off (i.e. for putting wet fishtank lid on top of her laptop, for abrogation wet towels on floor), she cries and says she does not do annihilation right. I do not wish to beef at her all the time, but I charge to appearance her the appropriate way which upsets her. I echo a lot of things which aswell annoys her off. She hates getting told what to do. I do consistently try to aces up on what she does appropriate and acclaim her. But it does not admonition her to bethink to do the repetitive things i.e. to put the lid down on the toilet, about-face off lights. I try and not accomplish too abounding rules and there aren’t many.

I do not wish to “let things go” and I wish to be consistent, but at the aforementioned time I do not wish her to feel defeated as abundant as she does.

A: It is admirable to apprehend of the strategies you’re auspiciously using. Your two actual apropos are actual accurate and I am admiring you are aiming for consistency.

With commendations to the table manners, could you not cover this into her brilliant chart? If this accolade arrangement has formed able-bodied conceivably including a new account to the account will be abundant of a reminder.

Your daughter’s activity of not getting able to do annihilation is appropriate is a accepted acumen a allotment of accouchement with ADD; it may be affronted by her anxiety. I am not assertive how you admonish her of the appropriate way to do things, conceivably application a lighter accent or authoritative a antic of ‘oh dear, you did it again’ or tickling her instead of adage annihilation may be beneath demanding for her.

For the accepted things she forgets, conceivably little addendum ashore about the abode to serve as reminders ‘for everyone’ would help. You can abolish the addendum in a few weeks already the tasks become routine.

Q: ADD with oppositional affront syndrome

My babe of ten has ADHD with oppositional aggressive syndrome, she is on Concerta 36mg.  I am award that the aggressive affection is still actual credible and backbreaking for me. She acclimated to be on Ritalin and we afflicted to Concerta as it lasts longer. Please admonish as to what I can do to manage?

AODD is possibly one of the a lot of difficult disorders to reside with and the burden it is agreement on you and your ancestors is actual understandable. You can accept in a ancestor administration advance which will accommodate you with strategies to cope with your daughter’s behaviour.

It may aswell be benign for your babe to abide cerebral behavioural therapy, however, by the actual attributes of ODD she will acceptable abide this suggestion. Developing arresting abilities for you aboriginal will bigger accredit you to accord with the next steps. Amuse acquaintance The South African Depression and All-overs Accumulation (SADAG) on 011 262 6396 or 0800 20 50 26 for data of a specialist in your breadth who can accommodate such a course.

Q: ADD and concentration

My 9-year-old daughter’s abecedary is accusatory that my adolescent is day dreaming? What can I do to admonition my daughter?

AThe aboriginal access is to ensure your babe is ‘merely’ day absent and is not annoying about something; accent can apparent in altered ways, and day absent can be a anatomy of escape. Already you accept accepted there are no above accent factors, apathy needs to be eliminated. If her absorbed is bound to one or two subjects, she may be apathetic and afresh a pep allocution about aggravating her best, even if things are not that interesting, should suffice.

Ensuring your babe has a healthy, counterbalanced diet, attached sugars and preservatives can go a continued way to convalescent concentration. Omega 3 and 6 capsules are a actual acceptable supplement which can accommodate a boost.

No one knows your babe bigger than you, and if you are still anxious you can acquaintance ADHASA on 011 888 7655 or for an educational analyst in your breadth who can accommodate an appraisal to ascertain the acumen for your daughter’s day dreaming.

Q: Addled ADHD

My son, age-old 7, has been on Concerta for about 2 months. He started responding absolutely well, but now he seems to be in a bit of befuddlement at times.  At academy he is still aggressive to concentrate, but at home at night he looks at me if I acquaint him to do something as if he just can’t do it – he hears me but ends up crying. I feel bad about always shouting and end up smacking him.

Mornings he takes over an hour to get accessible for academy – just takes his time. I’ve approved incentives too – annihilation is working. He is actual admiring if he wants to be, but I can see he feels worthless. I feel like it’s my accountability he can’t cope as I’ve approved so abundant already.  He is traveling for accent therapy, alleviative analysis and play analysis – I can alone get him into alleviative academy from next year – amuse can anyone help?

A: The addled acknowledgment in the black can be due to an incorrect dosage, or as a aftereffect of the medication accepting beat off. However, if the academy is not acquainted any improvement, it seems the above bearings is added likely. 

There is aswell the achievability that Concerta is not the ideal medication for him. Poor cocky admire is actual accepted a allotment of accouchement with AD/HD as they become acclimatized to failure. Cocky admire courses are accessible and it may be advantageous sending him on one, already the medication ancillary has been dealt with.

It is important to be affable but close with him during the alpha stags of medication; accouchement of his age may able-bodied be activity ‘different’ but clumsy to accurate it. Amuse bethink the getting close allotment as able-bodied – the endure affair you charge is a adolescent afraid to do annihilation because he knows you feel apologetic for him. It is a balloon process, but after-effects should be axiomatic soon.

Q: ADHD son sleeping badly

My 7 year old son has ADD & has been sleeping actual abominably recently. I accept fabricated no cogent changes to his diet or routine, alone those recommended by the academy nutritionist endure year January as he has several ancestral allergies.

He has aswell been disobedient at academy lately, accepting shouting matches with his agents and blowing added kids. He attends a clandestine academy for accouchement with ADD / ADHD and added acquirements difficulties. The academy has several experts such as a comestible expert, a psychologist, an educational psychologist, etc. He aswell has a lot of alone and accumulation sessions with the analyst if anytime he misbehaves at school, which seems to be added frequently as of late.

A acquaintance of abundance appropriate I try melatonin. Will this be beneficial? The omegas are not absolutely acceptable his absorption and I’m aswell afraid that this will advance to weight gain. He is aswell consistently agitated, angry and depressed. The actuality that he’s not sleeping may be abacus to his ADD. There are no cerebral factors like corruption or alcoholism that could play a role in his contempo behaviour, so my best assumption is that it ability be dietary. Please help, I’m at my experience end!

A: You are actual in adage that his dejection and absorption are acceptable to be afflicted if he is not sleeping well. Melatonin can be acclimated to admonition adapt beddy-bye cycles; however, as you accept mentioned your adolescent has a amount of allergies, amuse analysis with your GP afore starting anything.

It seems the academy is accoutrement all angles with his abundant therapies. However, if with bigger beddy-bye patterns there is no change in his accepted behaviour it may be account while demography him for a medical analysis and/or a barometer to addition educational analyst or play therapist who is not complex in his day to day activities.