Adding Special Fields

Seagate Crystal Reports contains a selection of special fields that you can add to ‘your report, such as Page Number and Print Date. These fields act like database fields and are based on your computer’s settings.

1. Open the Field Explorer and expand the Special Fields section, or click Insert, Special Field. The Field Explorer lists all the special fields.

2. Add special fields as you add any other field: Click the field you want to add and drag it to your report, or click the Insert button. Remember that, different sections print at different points in the report, so place your special fields accordingly. For this exercise, place the Page Number special field in the right side of the Page Footer section.


If you want to use the Report Title, Report Comments, or click Author fields, you need to enter information in the Document Properties dialog box (click File, Summary Info). If you enter or change data in this dialog box after you place the special fields on your report, refresh your report (Report, Refresh Report data, or F5) and the new information displays.

Saving Your Report

Just like in many other software programs, you can locate the directory and folder where you would like to save your report using the Save or Save As dialog boxes. Your Crystal reports have the extension .RPT. It is a good idea not to save your reports in the same directory as your program files. Instead, create a separate directory for all of your reports. This way, if for some reason you reinstall your software (an upgrade for example) you will not accidentally overwrite your reports.

You can set the default directory that will open each time you click file, Save as. Go to file, Options, and on the New Report tab enter or use the Browse button to select the directory where you want your reports saved. The default is the Windows/My Documents directory for Windows 95 and 98, and /WINNT/Profiles’/username/Personal for Windows NT.

Seagate Crystal Reports now gives you the ability to auto save reports. To turn this option on, go to file, Options. On the Reporting tab select the Auto save Reports After n Minutes check box, where n is a number of minutes you can specify.