Adoption Vs. Abortion

Women have choices these days. Do you place your child for adoption or do you have an abortion? Whatever your reasons are for either choice, it is a personal decision. Personal, But also the choice of the father of the child. This is what many people don’t think about. You did not make yourself pregnant and therefore you should not be the only person making the decision. I realize that this is a controversial and touchy subject. With womens rights and Pro-Choice movements happening everywhere we look, the fathers seem to be forgotten once they have spread their seed. I agree that it is the woman’s body, but more importantly it is a child bred by TWO people, not one. So what are the choices we have?


Adoption is probably the most civil way for parents to do the “right thing” for themselves and/ or for their child. When you place a child up for adoption you are giving them a chance to live. That, above all else, is a wonderful thing. There are still things to consider when you decide to place your child for adoption.

1.) Did you consult with the father? There are a growing number of single father’s in this world. Just because you may not be ready for a child does not mean that he is not.

2.) Are you absolutely sure that his is what you want to do? Are you going to regret this decision?

3.) Are you prepared to deal with the emotions that you are sure to fight with after the fact?

4.) Have you thought this all the way through? This is not a decision to made on a whim, this is your blood, your baby.

5.) Have you thought into the future? What happens if this child finds you and asks WHY? Can you answer with a clear conscience and heart?

These are just a few things to consider before making the decision to place your child for adoption.


Abortion is the most uncivilized and controversial ways for parents to handle an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion has been in the “hot seat” for may years now. it will continue to be debated through centuries to come, I am sure. Just as with Adoption there are things to consider before having an Abortion.

1.) Has the father agreed to abortion? Would he rather place the child for adoption or raise the child himself? This is very important.

2.) Is this something you have thought through to the fullest extent?

3.) Can you handle this child’s missed life being on your conscience?

4.) Have you prepared yourself for arguments that will come? What I mean is, Many people are strongly against abortion and they are not afraid to speak their mind.

5.) Are you prepared for the emotional havoc that this choice is sure to place on your mind?

6.) Are you prepared for the physical , psychological and emotional pain that comes, almost naturally, with abortion?

7.) Are you ready to give up the life of a child of God for whatever your reasons may be?

Both Adoption and Abortion have their drawbacks. Abortion more so than Adoption. This decision should be made by both parents and not just the mother. Father’s have rights too, even though they do not have carry the child they do have to carry the burden.