Ads Network: AsFlasher


AdFlasher is a fun, safe and productive bridge between consumers and advertisers. Providing consumers with an incentive to view relevant ads and verifying their attention gives advertisers an entirely new medium to broadcast messages to the masses.

Consumers are able to earn extra income from the advertising dollars which would otherwise be absorbed by a publisher. Advertisers are able to effectively and efficiently deliver targeted advertisements directly to consumers who are ready and willing to view the message. The AdFlasher business model ensures that advertisers are marketing to consumers who are willing and able to make online purchases. Consumers are allotted a weekly allowance of Ad Views. Each view consists of a matrix (grid) of advertisements. Advertisements in the matrix periodically flash to draw attention to themselves. Occasionally an advertisement will display a countdown timer which must be clicked before it reaches zero.

As designed, our proprietary system is able to deliver innumerable advertisements while ensuring the consumer is viewing the advertisements and paying attention. Advertisers purchase “Ad Packs” which consist of an allotment of impressions in the ad view matrix. Incredibly, each impression is validated to ensure the consumer was paying attention. Only validated impressions are counted against the allotment. Advertisers are able to demographically target their intended audience for more effective results. A majority of the funds from Ad Pack sales are distributed to consumers using the Ad View system.

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