Advantages And Disadvantages of Getting Tattooed

First of all, for those who want to get body tattooed should look at some of the advantages that having tattoos brings about. Firstly, it is quite clear to recognize that many people have accesses to tattooing for the sake of beauty enhancement. In practice, tattooing can be simply chosen as a way of beautifying external appearance; as a result, it is popularly employed by young teenagers or even fully-grown adults. That is because tattooing can help them stand out from other people in terms of beauty. For example, In North Africa, many youngsters both men and women of various tribes have their arms and faces tattooed by groupings of dots so as to gain their beauty. And another advantage of getting tattoos is that it is used to signify the position and ranking of tattooed people. As a matter of fact, tattooing has been used historically to show high class parts of society. For instance, in the Polynesian and Maori cultures, upper class of castes and royalty wore more intricate skin art than working and middle class. Also, tattoos inked with elaborate designs were found to be the most popular among Japanese women who are from top ranking of the society.

Needless to mention, in addition to bringing along with the advantages, having tattoos will put tattooed people at some disadvantages. There is no doubt that the first thing that tattooed people possibly encounter with is the problem of finding job or gaining job advancement. In fact, this foregoing case is usually easy to find in Eastern cultures where most people see tattooing as a social stigma and have a prejudice against tattooed people. For example, it is extremely difficult for a tattooed wearer to apply for a job in companies in Vietnam. That is because job recruiters, in terms of their discredit, assume that his tattoo can represent his imprisonment‘s past life as a thief; and inevitably he will lose the chance of being employed. And another problem with tattoos is the cost and difficulty of removal. If a tattooed person for some reason or another decides to remove his skin art, he not only suffers from a painful process but also face a costly surgery. In addition, during process of tattoo removal he may get severe infection due to excessive bleeding if care and skill are not taken by tattooist. What’s more, some insurance companies will not pay him the cost of removal unless there is a specific heath reason. Accordingly, it will break the bank if he fails to persuade the insurance company to pay the cost.

All in all, there will always be a double-edged effect of getting tattooed; however, one should identify which the pros and cons of having tattoos are so that he or she will take enough consideration and make good decisions as to whether he or she wears tattoos. To this end, it is recommended that people should not have tattoos if they are not from special religions or groups. That is because if they do wear tattoos, they are likely to have less access to job offer.