Adverse Results of Bogus Fad-Diets

Diet systems are undergoing vast changes due to the prevalent diseases that are threatening modern generation. We can notice the difference in our food system. What we eat today is not the same kind of food that our parents or grandparents were eating. Fast food and processed foods are playing an important role in every society. These changes have brought in many diseases such as obesity, blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, etc. cases of which are growing in number in epidemic speed.

Fad diet is a kind of diet system that is gaining popularity since it assures weight loss within certain days. There are various kinds of fad diets which have been named after the author who suggested it. It is a combination of diet from eating cookies, baby food and cabbage soup to drinking some juices or syrups that help reducing weight. for example, one of the most recent fad diets is the Dukan Diet which is a different version of the popular french called Atkins diet. It is a strict diet that recommends protein-rich, low-fat meals with plenty of water.

Wikipedia defines fad diet as diet referred to “idiosyncratic diets and eating patterns that promote short-term weight loss, usually with no concern for long-term weight maintenance, and enjoy temporary popularity.” Nutritionists ridicule fad diets as they challenge the conventional low-carbohydrate diets. They say that some of these fad diets do cause more negative results. They further suggest that only healthy eating and proper exercises can give good results and can be good diets.

Modern people like to choose these kinds of fad diets because they think they can save time through them since fad diets require only minimum exercises. Modern people who are busy after so many things have been more accustomed with an easier life with minimum exercises.

Bogus fad diets

1) Glamorous advertisements

Bogus fad diets promise unbelievable weight loss within short time. There are many versions of cookie diets marketed in the US. They assure super-fast results in weight loss. Believing that within days one can fit into skinny jeans by following fad diet, many people blindly follow glamorous ads of fad diets.

2) Fad diets cause eating more food when the course is over

Many studies show that the vast majority of weight lost through such fad diets is regained faster than before and cause worse problems. They have found that the starvation mode by fad diets affects metabolism brings reverse effects. They make people eat more food than before they started fad diet course.

3) Fad diets limit food choices

Fad diets focus on a particular type of foods such as cabbage soup or grapefruits and ban fat, sugar or carbs. This is very dangerous as they are nutritionally deficient and not sustainable.

4) Not scientifically proved

Fad diets are not scientifically proved. They add some supplements that contain laxatives to eliminate water weight. But they do not reduce fat. The claim of the fad diet supporters that fad diets speed up metabolism and suppress appetite is not yet proved by science.

5) Skipping exercise is dangerous

Main attraction of fad diet is escape from exercise. This is a very wrong notion. Physical exercise is very essential. Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes is very necessary to lose weight and maintain physical fitness.

Commercialism in the modern world hides realities through attractive advertisements and make people fall prey to bogus diets. One should be very careful in making diets safer and reliable.