Almost Dead Due to Wear Tampons When Menstruation

The use of tampons during menstruation among women in Indonesia is unusual because it is more practical when it comes in wearing pads. Tampons are usually used to put it in the vagina. A teenage girl in Britain was almost dead when wearing tampons.

Paige Roffey who was 15 years old, collapsed at her home in Rayleigh, Essex because of Toxic Shock Syndrome after using tampons. Tampons are used only in 4 hours.

Paige initially sent home from the hospital by doctors who think that the girl was exposed to the virus. But Paige was then taken back to Southend Hospital after collapsing in the bathroom.

“The doctor said, Paige was in critical condition and a coma for two days. I sat at my daughter’s bedside and began to plan his funeral. I do not think that my son will be safe,” said Ms. Paige, who named Sarah (39 years) as reported from dailymail Tuesday (09/20/2011).

But fortunately, Paige condition improved and can leave the hospital after 10 days. Now mother and son became very interested in highlighting the potential dangers of using tampons.

Tampons used to absorb menstrual blood usage is placed in the vagina. A tampon made of absorbent material, but then designed into a strict form of small cylinders.

Because of its placement is a bit difficult in the vagina, then some tampons have applicators. The applicator is usually a plastic or cardboard tube that can help to put the tampon. Other types of tampons which can also be inserted using your fingers.

Paige Roffey conditions experienced by physicians is Toxic Shock Syndrome. Toxic shock syndrome is extremely rare that is usually caused by bacterial toxins, but can be very severe.

This syndrome affects at least 20 people per year, mostly due to trauma such as burns or insect bites. Only about two cases per year who have a relationship with tampon use.

Most of the warnings about the dangers of the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome associated with tampon use is do not use a tampon too long.

But experts say that, the condition can progress to more severe after only a few hours of usage on some teenage girls. His condition could become worse if the girls do not have enough antibodies to fight the infection that causes Toxic Shock Syndrome.

This is experienced by Paige Roffey toxicity because the antibodies in his body was not enough to counter the Toxic Shock Syndrome.

“Paige continued to feel sick, so we took him to Southend Hospital’s A & E department. The doctor said Paige exposed to the virus, then we brought him home but he is still not good and being really sick at night. Then Paige fainted in the bathroom, so we bring it back to the hospital, “said Sarah.

Doctors found that blood pressure is very low and Paige when Paige was not immediately taken to the hospital, it will have fatal consequences. Then the doctor said Paige should be referred to Great Ormond Street.

Health workers give first aid to Paige who fell into a coma before referral, until Paige can travel to the Great Ormond Street. Doctors told her that, Paige was very critical condition and should be monitored throughout treatment.

Doctors continue to monitor Paige is in a coma for two days and then reduce the drug gradually. But doctors warn that Paige’s brain may be damaged when getting up from a coma. Sarah Paige still waiting at his bedside with her husband, Michael Clarke who was 31 years old.

Conditions at that time was terrible for her and Michael. Sarah and Michael have resigned and are both very grateful to the doctors and health workers, because in the end managed to save his daughter.

Paige recovered enough to be referred back to Basildon Hospital for Southend Hospital is full. Although still weak, Paige still go back to school, and determined to warn others of the dangers of teenage girls using tampons.

“I still feel sore for several days but then I’ve got the power back and completely healthy,” said Paige.

A spokesperson from Proctor and Gamble, the maker of Tampax tampons, which is a product used by Paige, said it was investigating and analyzing the case. “But we have not found something that is meaningful, so we continue the investigation,” he said.

Paige and her family then launched a campaign and will be handing out leaflets at Paige’s school regarding the use of tampons vigilance.

The use of tampons is more difficult and cumbersome compared with the use of pads. In addition, there have been many cases of toxic shock syndrome caused by using tampons.