Amy Winehouse's Death: My Opinion And Speculations

The sad death of Amy Winehouse has been in the news since day one, but who knows how she died? People are speculating that she died of an overdose, but no one really knows. Just because she did drugs, people just assume it was and overdose. Well, for those who remember Nancy Kulp (I wasn’t old enough to remember her, but I’ve done research on her), she was a heavy smoker, but she wound up dying of skin cancer, not lung cancer. Yes, they found drugs in Amy’s system, but does that really signify an overdose? I happen to have loved her song “Rehab”, and I was very sad when I heard that she died. I watched the news stories and the talk shows. They’re talking about it on “The Talk right now as I’m typing this article. I’m sure Ellen Degeneres will be talking about it too. I bet neither of these people are going to say that it was an overdose that killed her. Sure they suspect it, but they probably won’t say that this is what happened. They probably want to wait for the official cause of death like everyone else. And yes, I did suspect overdose, but I didn’t just assume it was an overdose. I considered that something else could have happened. I think people need to stop assumming things based on speculation and learn to mind their own business instead of minding others’. My heart goes out to Amy’s family and friends including Kelly Osbourne. My opinion on the subject is that people need to stop assumming that she died of an overdose until we all know for sure. Let her friends and family grieve and leave them alone without speculating about what happened. No one has all the facts yet, so no one has any room to assume. That’s all I have to say about the subject. What do you think? Leave your comments and let me know. By the way, I want to say I’m sorry if this article makes no sense or that it’s short. I’m just having some serious probleme with my computer and it’s really starting to piss me off and make me throw it out the window. Maybe I’ll be able to write a better article when my computer stops locking me out every five minutes.