An Abstract of The Problem on Structured Macro-Skills’ Development Lessons in English

Statement of the Problem

This study will evaluate the effectiveness of structured macro-skills’ development lessons in English of first year high school students in a public school. The findings will serve as basis for a proposed module. Likewise, the inquiries below are sought to answer the following:

1.   What is the level of language proficiency of the freshmen science high school students with reference to pronunciation and correct usage?

2.   What are the mean pretest and posttest scores of the students based on the structured lessons of macro-skills’ learning performance?

3.   Is there a significant difference in the mean pretest and posttest scores of the students in listening, speaking, reading, and writing?

4.   What is the mean gain in the posttest?

5.   What module can be proposed based on the findings of study?

Statement of the Null Hypothesis 

There is no significant difference in the mean pretest and posttest scores of the students in listening and writing.

There is a significant difference in the areas of language teaching of the students in speaking, and reading.

Significance of the Study

The results of this study will benefit from many sectors of the educational institutions, especially in public schools by providing information on the results of the performance in terms of students’ language achievement that will enable the teachers to know the students’ area of difficulty and strength, thereby guiding them in reconstructing their program of teaching to suit their needs. Among the persons who will be directly or indirectly benefited are the following:

To the principal concerned, the results of this study may give her insights which would encourage her to plan projects designed to improve the quality of language teaching in the public school as the lead school of all public secondary schools, Division of Cebu Province.

The district coordinator in English as a researcher will benefit from the experimental study for future references. He has been provided with the data and information necessary for his experimental analysis utilizing the macro-skills’ learning performance intended for students in science high school classes.

This will help the English teachers in Science High School realize in order for them to understand the new approaches in teaching and to be able to use the techniques and procedures effectively.

Thus, it is necessary to bring their training up-to-date. They should as well encourage independent thinking and free communication of ideas among the students concerned using the tools of expressions acquired in the English class because this is the eventual aim of language teaching.

To the teachers assigned to teach pilot classes as formative years in first year, it may enable them to realize that they should understand evaluation and procedures with emphasis on experimental viewpoints and learning approaches not only them as teachers but also their students so they can integrate their own teaching and testing. More significantly, they will realize that in fairness to their students, they should test what they teach.       

The secondary freshmen as student-entrants will ameliorate based on the structured lessons and differ mentally according to the departmentalized lessons, advanced lessons presented, and general performance based also on their intellectual aspects of learning.

Finally, it will enable the students in general to grasp at the innovative teaching-learning approaches shared to them not only by the teachers but also by the freshmen pilot class in terms of the four (4) areas of English language teaching, namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing as sequenced in the lessons. Thus, the school should initiate and institute a re-training program for the students as the training ground for them to go for the next higher level.