AN Artistic War-Killing: It Blames Partly to Scientific And Technological Advances!

INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLGY is usually found everywhere in this world which is encompassed in the realm of an artistic war. It is a manifestation of such strategic attempts and desires of artistic killing to encompass superpower and invade cultures of other people. In this era, the world has been experiencing chaos and disharmony, and the world truly hungers for peace!

Technological advances are different from what the modern war is unleashing about. It is different from the war in the past. War now employs weapons of death and destruction that is incomparably more effective than those of the past because of technological advances, and it is consequently the worst thing to do as what we have expected to take place. It could be regarded as an evil to which men must resign themselves because it serves as annihilation to mankind and not the progress as what they say. One could argue that due to war the people with the strongest virtues have survived, thus determining the course of history.

It would seem then that, in the past, war could operate on the sly in order to win while the other people are totally against it. Despite other claims that modern war is an agent of progress. The evil unlocks and embodies it more heavily on us, the inhabitants of the world.

Let us dare face the situation that man has become a superman because of scientific and technological advances. He is a superman because he does not only have at his disposal to go beyond the innate physical forces, but also to command, and that is the reason for him to thank these so-called scientific and technological advances worldwide. The latent forces of nature invade somebody to wield over the others in giving direct supervisions and responsibilities. To kill at a distance, man has used solely his savvy to rely on his own physical strength, to bend the bow and to release the arrow. The superman has progressed to the stage where there is superpower to encompass, and to a device designed for the purpose. On the other hand, man can use his energy to release with combustion of mixed chemical products. This enables him to employ a much more effective projectile and to propel it over with greater distances. Man has become a superman on his own volition to conquer others, but not a friendly one when he uses destructive weapons to kill other people.

 As it happened early before, when there were two places engaged in war, they sent only their best soldiers. The soldiers representing each homeland fought until they achieve victory. The soldier, who won the fight, determines the victory of his homeland. But nowadays, war now involves killing all the people in an area where the innocent people reside. As long as the place is recognized as a place of the enemies it must be bombarded without question and it must be annihilated at once so that no one will go against them.

Just like a puzzle, world peace can be put back together, and all it needs is a helping hand. It only takes one person to end the hatred or indignation, and the uncivil greed. The world peace can’t be written down on a piece of paper, but it can be seen through man’s daily actions. No matter what the flag you pledge under or salute it, but we are all the same. What the world needs is love and understanding. People can promote peace in their community just by lending a hand or giving a smile. A good heart is what it helps us to create peace in our community on earth. To have the world finally found its peace, each and every one of us must try and find the good deeds in everyone’s heart.

In the Philippines, we need to have an organized and powerful team to stop all kinds of criminality.  Just like what our ancestors did themselves when they were all in need during the war that they asked for help. The world is on the right foot to work in unity towards a nonviolent environment and trying to end those difficult situations, so we can have the chance to improve our surroundings. By following the footsteps of Gandhi we will achieve equal rights and we will resort to cease such segregations. There are really two-steps in working towards total world peace. The first step is to treat others as you would want yourself to be treated and secondly to stop the fighting no matter what it costs. Fighting only makes situations worse. We should always have our hearts to open and be ready to give out. So, to end the hatred and greediness, it only takes one person to embark on peace and end the indignations and to start the peace at all times if there is a chance to resort to it. Lastly, having faith in our Creator is a great advantage to all of us because we can refrain from commencing with the arguments and conflicts among individuals. We must also learn to respect others, so that they will also respect us in return. Figuratively, the dove is the symbol for peace and we should also recognize and grab the opportunity for God’s sake. We can find peace in Jesus Christ; in the Holy Eucharist, as we can see that the dove is placed above the chalice showing that Jesus Christ is sharing peace with the people regardless of races in the world of ambiguous adventures where the wicked individuals are living together with the virtuous individuals in their cunning ways.