An Old Dog Approached a Man at Work and his Life Changed Forever

After facing some difficult times with his wife, Cody Leightenheimer felt he would never be able to fix his broken heart. But everything changed when this old floofer approached him at work. Grab some tissues, you might need them!

Difficult Times

Photo: Courtesy of We Want It

A man named Cody Leightenheimer and his wife were going through some pretty rough stuff. The couple had been trying to have a child and after two miscarriages, things were starting to look grim, until Cody came across this beautiful surprise one day!

A Normal Day at Work

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

One day like any other, Cody was working at the wood flooring factory when he realized a dog was walking up to him.

“I instantly wanted to abandon post and grab the thing for cuddles, but I had work to get done. This pup wasn’t having none of that though. He walked up to me and stared at me with his huge eyes,” he said.

Bad Shape

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

It didn’t take a doctor to figure out that the dog was in really bad shape and needed extra care.

I pet him and noticed instantly that he was flea-covered, matted, and not in the best physical shape. As I looked closer I realized that he had a lot of gray around his muzzle, ears, and face.”

His First Meal

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

Lunch time arrived and the dog needed serious attention.

“He wasn’t a pup at all. I got him chicken-ish fast food during my lunch because he was so thin that I could feel his bones.”

And that’s when it hit him: he should bring him home! So he started texting his wife trying to convince her to welcome his new buddy. But would she accept?

Bringing him Home

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

After all his skimming, it turns out that, luckily, Cody didn’t even have to make up an argument. His wife was convinced as soon as the words left his mouth.

Health Problems

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

After a careful bath, the pooch was taken to the vet’s office. The vet, with just a glance could tell that there was a lot wrong with the poor floofer.

A Long List

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

The poor pooch was suffering from several conditions. He had stunted growth from malnutrition, cataracts, dilated pupils as a result of a concussion, stomach ulcers and rotten teeth. If you thought that wasn’t enough, the dog was also deaf.

Finding a Suitable Name

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

Cody and his wife, Kasie, decided to name the pup Rooster Cogburn. The name came from John Wayne‘s character in True Grit. Cody explained that the name was perfect because the dog had managed to keep on thriving despite everything he endured.

The Breed

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

Rooster turned out to be an old Shetland Sheepdog, aged between 8 and 12 years. He weighed just 7.3 pounds on account of his malnutrition. Rooster needed a lot of help to get back in shape and fortunately the couple was there to help him.

Getting Better

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

This picture of Rooster is months later after Cody found him at work; or rather, after he found Cody. After a series of treatments and medicine, his health improved dramatically.

A New Name

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

Eventually, Rooster would be renamed and this time, he was named Toothless. Just like his last name, this name was inspired from a movie named How to Train Your Dragon with Toothless being the name of Night Fury in the movie.

Truly Loved

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

Toothless was greatly loved by his family, who spoiled him as much as possible. Cody said that he loved taking long naps and that being spoon-fed by Kaisie was his favorite activity and his favorite treat was Greek Yogurt.

Dressing Up

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

Toothless didn’t just like treats, he was really up for playing dress up. Even with his health issues, this puppy was living the life!

Don’t Let His Age Fool You!

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

You’d think that raising a dog with so many health problems would be tough. Actually, Toothless was a joy to live with. He always had tons of fun and never held back from being a happy dog.

A Sad Ending

Photo: Courtesy of Honest to Paws

Unfortunately, Toothless would soon depart from his family. The family was told that Toothless was given three months to one year to live. He made it a year before he’d have to leave his loving family.

I watched the greatest friend, most loving pet, and the most heroic fighter I’ve ever met sink into a well-deserved final nap while his mother and I held his paws. I never thought I could love a pet as much as I loved him; as much as we loved him. Everyone who met him instantly loved him.”