Anti – Aging Discovery

We know that our age process is irretrievable biological phenomenon that occurs in all things that have life and with the time counting down on us which leads to the decay of body called aging and eventually end up to death. Researcher said that all organisms age are varying in different factors considerably. They conducted a study on fruit flies which are alive in 30 or 40 days then they die while rodents especially in the fields have a three years of life. Finally they found out that dolphins may reach 25 years, elephants for 50 years, and Galapagos tortoises can live up to 100 years.

Statistics shows that human beings have also various life spans varying from person to person and place to place. Americans can live around 75 years which is the average life expectancy for them, thus in early 21st century this age is almost doubled for Americans. The study about the various aging processes that can happen to individuals with its factors which cause aging is called as gerontology. Geriatrics is a medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in the aged population.

Because of these aging problem that the human faced, researched devote their time just to find a solution that can alleviate and even lessen the aging process that is taking place right now. A group of intellects at King’s College London, in collaboration with some known institutions in Europe have studied and classified a group of ‘aging’ genes that can be switched on and off by epigenetic factors which is a natural mechanisms that is responsible for genetic activity without changing the base sequence of the structure of the gene information. The study also suggests these epigenetic processes can be summoned by having a healthy diet, good hobbit in life and having a sound environmental factor. The studying group said that the process of epigenetic could be used to be a gateway of a new revolution of anti-aging methods the future which can be a possible effective anti-aging therapy for human that is suffering from the aging process.

At the end, no matter what we do the effect of aging is inevitable and will creep in to our life day by day. Wrinkles and fine lines will begin to develop at the age, age spots and darkening of the eye lashes, blemished that is caused by population; those factors are gentle appearing even now at the young age. So begin to enhance your life styles and stop destroying your body by taking harmful elements into your body like smoking, alcohol, drugs and any abusive act that can cause your body to deteriorate. The best strategy to healthy living is making amendments step by steps, begin a simple step like walking, eating fruits and vegetables. Keep a good discipline to yourself avoid too much in everything remember that you are getting older and this will never stop until death though you can slow the process.