Antiaging Care For Your Face, Take Care Of The Eyes

One thing which has been shown to work well is to use an eye cream which is rich in Vitamin K. Vitamin K can help make under eye circles less visible, and can also thicken fragile, under-eye skin. This makes under-eye wrinkles less noticeable.

For a richer, more deeply moisturising cream for this area which is useful if your skin type is ‘dry’, you could use a cream incorporating Vitamin E. You can find it as a liquid, or you can just break open a capsule and apply directly to your face. This works great on under eye areas where sagging and wrinkles appear first.

Best results will be obtained if you use the creams designed for the under eye area every day – not just when you remember. The skin in the under eye area is much thinner than in other areas of the face and does not contain many ebaceous glands to provide the skin’s natural lubricant, sebum to this area – this is why under eye circles develop. Choose whichever you prefer from a cream, gel or serum and apply thinly.

It is essential to put on your eye cream properly, this avoids waste or damaging the skin. Do not roughly rub it on your skin. Instead, line a few dots of the cream under your eyes and on the eye lids. It is then just a matter of gently patting the skin with your fingertips to ensure that the product is absorbed into your skin.

Another thing that you might not immediately think of as one of the best home remedies for dark circles under eyes, is quite simply, getting enough sleep. This will help to prevent your eyes from looking tired and will make your skin look healthier. It will reduce those heavy, dark circles that sometimes appear under your eyes. Getting enough skin helps to make skin look healthier because it helps to ensure that the skin receives the nutrients it needs whilst we sleep.

If you are prone to under-eye circles or acne breakouts, use a mineral foundation instead of a liquid concealer. Mineral foundations have the advantage that whilst they are excellent concealers, they are non-comedogenic and so do not block pores. Mineral foundations come in a variety of tones that can be matched to any skin color.

Sunglasses are a definite ‘must’ when you are out in the sun to protect the skin of the eye area as well as the eyes themselves. If you can find a wrap-around pair that also protects the corners of your eyes where those crows-feet form, this would be ideal. You should check the labelling to ensure you are getting maximum UV protection from any pair of sunglasses you choose.

It is vital that when removing makeup, you take especial care of the skin in the eye area. Take extra care to protect this area of your face, when cleansing, nourishing with eye cream and remembering to shield the eyes from the glare of the sun with sunglasses. Because the skin of the area eye is extremely thin and fragile, and the first area to show signs of aging, protecting it will help you fight off those first signs of aging for longer.