Apa Format Title Page Template

The popular referencing styles are Modern Language Association, MLA, Chicago and the American Psychological Association, APA. Each of the referencing styles has its peculiarities with respect to footers, heading, fonts, bibliography, preamble and the title page format too. This article treats the features of an APA format title page template.

Like all the other citation styles, the APA is preferred by several college professors especially for term papers and this style is mainly associated with the social science courses such as psychology and sociology among others. The specifications of APA as regard fonts is the new times roman. There are also different levels when it comes to writing the heading for each page. Level 1 is centered upper and lower case, level 2 is italicized or underlined centered lower and upper case. For level 3 it is upper and lowercase underlined or italicized and flushed. Further more, for level 4, it is indented, first letter capitalized and then a full stop at the end of it. Centered upper case is used for level 5.With regards to APA format title page template, this style requires that the cover page be written separately from other parts of the term paper. The title of your paper must convey the whole subject of your essay in a succinct manner and it is not to be italicized. However, if you are actually using the title of a book or the topic of a journal article, this has to be italicized.

As you venture into writing a your research paper using an APA format title page template, you must also be abreast of the fact that your wordings for the cover page has to begin way down the center of the page. As a matter of fact it is a common practice in APA title page templates to write the title and the subtitle and then separate both with a comma. Usually, this can make your professor fall in love with your term paper as your subtitle goes on to give a brief overview of the whole paper and explain the title.

The APA format continues to the abstract and then to the main body of the essay as explained earlier as pertaining to the heading. The citation at the end of the paper has to follow a specific format too.