Are pet lovers in love or just plain crazy??

Are pet lovers in love or just plain crazy??

 So, I live and am engaged to a partner that is not an animal lover, well he is but only if it’s undercover. Still though, not as much as I am.

 I grew up with a dog and a cat. I loved the dog more, sad to say but now since I am older I have always gotten cats as pets. Do I love dogs, yes! Dogs take a lot more patience and time, you need to train them, get the “dog whisperer” on them, and clean up after them. Cats, well they are so very independent and loveable, they know where to poop and how to cover it up. Cats don’t devour their food in minutes after putting it in the bowl. They are grazers.

Besides just the normal differences between cats and dogs, there are similarities all animal lovers see in their pet, right? Character is what stands out amongst our pets, what ever type you have. I have a dog-cat. As silly as it sounds there are those types of cats out there. I have a picture of him on my blog. He is a handsome fellow, also sweet and charming, yes I am still talking about my cat. I have been blessed to have him, Roscko, with me for 9 years and counting. He is strictly an inside cat, although I feel bad at times that I am keeping him captive, it isn’t as bad as losing him from being hit by a car or some crazy person who wants to hurt animals for no reason at all. Roscko is at my side whenever I am home. He isn’t a lap cat unless I am napping. He loves to snuggle and be brushed. He just hangs out with his big belly and beautiful green eyes. I am still talking about my cat not my fiancé. I love my fiancé just as well, but there is something about a pet. The fact that they love you unconditionally, always are there, they even lick your tears! Find me a human who does that!

  When I think about Roscko not being around I start to cry. It is like he is irreplaceable, and he is. It is the personality Roscko has that will never be seen in another pet my whole life. Each pet is different. Right now I am tearing up, am I crazy? Is this love? I know those of you who are reading that are not animal lovers cannot understand this type of attachment and I do not understand why. All I can say is instead of looking at a pet as an animal think of it as your best friend who is always there for you, never hurts you and they always wants to love, whether receiving or giving. This is not some type of perverted love but genuine care and concern for an animal. I must end this blog and come back to reality; I am going to play with my friend Roscko now. Tell me about the love of your life!